• The very idea of BABYMETAL. Extremely adorable idol music mixed with brutal and heavy-as-fuck, face-melting metal.
  • Watch this video. When the actual headbanging starts at 0:45, you're pretty much guaranteed to burst out laughing.
    "How does she not crack her head open on that dresser?" —pretty much everyone who watches the video
  • Let's just say a first time listener is going to have at least one Mood Whiplash moment, with the only appropriate response as laughter. Regular fans are used to these moments however, embracing it as a part of their sound.
  • The hip-hop breakdown in the middle of "Iine!", which is a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment even by Babymetal standards. Regrettably, they severely truncate that bit during live performances.
  • The song "Gimme Chocolate!!" – literally a paean to metal brutality… and it's about wanting candy.
    • Suzuka herself recalled having a "WTF" reaction upon hearing an early cut of the song.
  • The dubstep section of "Uki Uki★Midnight" when one realizes it's a dubstep remix of the alphabet song.
    • Since the song's about the night, it's likely supposed to be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which has the same melody.
  • The BLACK BABYMETAL song "GJ!" has a cowbell hit right smack dab in the middle of some of the heaviest riffs the Kami Band does. That the hit is punctuated by one of MoiMoi's cutest dance moves only makes it even more hilarious.
  • Since at least early 2015 (probably earlier), Moa has had a habit of making funny faces (hengao) at other members when she's not facing the camera – something she also did back in her Sakura Gakuin days.
    • Her original target was Hideki Aoyama, the drummer, who often responds in kind.
    • More infamously, she often uses the breakdown during "Megitsune" – when Su is holding the fox mask – to hengao and get Su to crack. At least twice, fan-cams have caught Su sticking her tongue out in response.
      • Fans of the hengao battles were sad when, at the Hollywood Palladium show, Su opted not to indulge Moa, instead giving her a dismissive stare followed by a quick smirk.
    • Moa and Su also had a brief hengao battle during "Gimme Chocolate!!" on Colbert. The cameras were behind Moa, so we have no idea what she did, but Su responded with a puffer-fish face.