• The fact that Babymetal in general (and Moa in particular) hold records as the youngest group to ever perform at several stadiums and festivals, including Budokan and Tokyo Dome, as well as being the first (and so far only) Japanese group to headline Wembley Arena.
    • They do not have this distinction for Saitama Super Arena. Suzuka, however, does, as the youngest member of Karen Girl's (11) at their farewell performance.
  • Suzuka is not physically large – 5'3" and slender. No one in their right mind would expect a voice that powerful to come out of such a small girl, yet it does. This same small girl has such a formidable stage presence (and Death Glare) that she can get a crowd to do just about anything she wants: she motions à la Moses and the crowd parts to form a Wall Of Death; she twirls her wrists and she gets circle pits; she asks for call-&-response, she (usually) gets it. This is one of the big reasons fans call her The Queen.
  • Their "big" concerts in Japan are known for extremely theatrical stage designs that are awesome to look at on their own. See Legend 1997, Budokan, SSA 2015, Yokohama Arena, Tokyo Dome, and Legend S.
  • Budokan Red Night, held March 1st 2014, nearly self-destructed towards the end. During the middle of "Headbanger!", the next-to-last song, Yui fell off the stage at least 8' to the concrete floor – on the Blu-ray, one can hear her yell as she drops, and after that only Moa is audible. For the rest of the song, Su looks like she's about to cry (from her vantage point, she might have seen Yui fall). Yui, merely stunned, shook it off and was back on stage for the final song.
    • After the house lights went down at the end of the song, fans started chanting Yui's name to encourage her (part of this is retained on the Bluray). When the lights come back on for the last song, "Ijime, Damè, Zettai", revealing Yui to be fine, there is audible applause.
    • Score another for perseverance – during the death-run at the beginning of IDZ, Moa slipped and injured her left leg. She spends the rest of the song holding back tears fighting the obvious pain she's in (footage shows her leg visibly twitching and/or giving out when she puts weight on it). During the fight sequence, she falls backwards and Yui - who barely escaped much worse injuries just a few minutes earlier - subtly asks if Moa is okay via looks and nods. After the song is over and the trio do their victory lap around the stage, Yui and Moa start off hand-in-hand. How's that for awesome teamwork?
  • The entirety of SoniSphere 2014. They were originally meant to play a side-stage where they would perform for only a few thousand people, mostly preexisting fans. But the lineup was changed at the last minute and they ended up opening the main stage – over 50,000 British metalheads at a festival notorious for bottling acts they don't like. The Kami Band's sound check got the crowd interested, but the girls won them over. By the time their 30-minute set was over, people were chanting "We want more!"
  • The girls' attempts to learn English in order to reach out to the international fanbase. By 2017, Su's English had become surprisingly good, though she still sometimes has grammar flubs. For "Legend S", she had recorded all of the narration – several minutes worth of it – in English (as well as singing "The One" in English as per usual). Native English speakers praised her for how far she'd come in just three years.
    • Moa has a thick accent, but possibly superior comprehension. Still, her willingness to push herself is awesome.
      • Yui's English is, uh… we love Yui. Seriously though, while her English skills are often thought to be near nonexistent, people who have met her say she is conversant at the least. She's just a perfectionist who often second-guesses herself, and her shyness doesn't help. Still, she was willing to push herself in Sakura Gakuin by singing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" for her acapella – the first SG girl to do a song entirely in English. Sure, she sang with a heavy accent, but it's easy to tell how hard she worked at it.
    • Herman Li of DragonForce praised the girls' language skills during a video message saying "Every time I see you, your English gets better and better."
  • At the 2016 AMPA's (Alternative Press Music Awards) BABYMETAL performed their single "Karate", after which they were joined onstage by Rob Halford of Judas Priest. He and Su-Metal proceeded to demolish two Judas Priest standards, "Painkiller" and "Breaking the Law", while MoaMetal and YuiMetal may or may not have played electric guitars. The voiceover introducing Halford only amped up the awesome:
    "THE FOX GOD and THE METAL GOD! Their meeting was not a coincidence! Nothing happens by accident. When BABYMETAL, the Chosen Ones by THE FOX GOD, are awakened by THE METAL GOD, a new LEGEND is born, right now at this moment!"
  • Bit of a less happy one, but Yui was forced by her doctors to pull out of Legend S - Baptism XX at the very last minute, leaving Su and Moa to perform without her. It was too late to alter the setlist or choreography, so Su and Moa did what they had done during "Headbanger!" at Budokan Red Night (when Yui fell off the stage) – they went on without her and performed as if she was there. Watching Moa singing Black Babymetal songs solo and dancing alone – even her side of the "fight" during IDZ's bridge – giving an effort percentage far beyond 100, is sad yet awesome.
    • More awesome is the crowd constantly shouting encouragement to Moa ("Ganbare, Moa-chan!") while she's alone, and eventually singing Yui's parts to make the situation feel slightly less awkward.
  • Another "Sad, but kinda awesome" thing — On December 30th 2017, Mikio Fujioka, one of the main guitarists for the Kami Band since 2014 (amongst many other professions, including teacher), fell off an observation platform while stargazing; he died from his injuries a week later. News of his death was not made public until after his funeral. Almost instantly, nearly every musician in the world who had met him – there were dozens – sent their condolences on the loss of the "Little God". Many posted photos they had taken with him. His bandmates in Japan, some of whom (like fellow Kami member Takayoshi Ohmura) were trained by him, are working to do everything they can for Mikio's widow and daughters.