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Funny: Astro Boy

Astro Boy (2009 film)

  • Astro's stunned reaction to the first time his rocket boots fire, including a hilarious expression and a wonderfully prompt (and pretty harsh) slap to his own face.
    • And then as shock becomes delight he tries to zip off heroically - only to briefly forget how to power the jets and, on reactivating them, slam himself backwards into a building and then straight up through its stone facade.
  • A soldier trying to use windshield wipers when Astro crashes into his ship. Astro's look of sheer annoyance is priceless.
  • Trash Can the robot dog's final attempt to "out" Toby as a robot, spelling out on the ground in huge letters "HE'S A ROBOT!" with an arrow pointing to Astro/Toby to Zane. Made funnier when Zane shrugs, "Almost makes me wish I could read!"
  • When the RRF 'rescue' Astro.
    Zane: What just happened?
  • "I'm voting for the other guy!"
  • When Astro descovers his "accessories".
    Astro: What? I got machine guns? In my butt?!
    • And the first use of his Arm Cannons: "Hah! Cool!" *blam!* [goes flying backwards]
  • When Astro saves one of the guy's after him, and then has to deal with the reinforcements.
    Astro: What is up with you guys?
    Guard: I love you man.
  • Any scene involving the Robot Revelutionary Front.
  • The President as the Giant Mecha. Everything out of his mouth is pure hilarious Genre Savvy Deadpan Snarker.

2003 series

  • From the first episode, the Inspector asks Dr. O'Shay about the blackout caused by reviving Astro. His explanation? "I can't sleep with the lights on."
  • Anytime someone bangs down Tenma's door. Made better by his sheer calmness about it.
    Tenma: (surrounded by police) So many visitors. And I didn't even make tea.
  • Some of Tenma's creeper moments qualify as well.
    Tenma: (disturbing grin) Always a pleasure.
    Astro: You're creepy.

Original Manga

  • This moment from the "Astro Reborn" arc.
  • There's a scene in one volume where Astro's school friends try to rescue him from a villain in what's generally a Crowning Moment of Awesome, but at one point their choice of taunt to the villain just comes off as hilarious for some reason: "We're going to cut off your beard and throw it in the garbage can!"
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