Funny: Arpeggio of Blue Steel

  • Takao is a veritable gold mine of funny moments in the manga:
    • In Chapter 22, Takao attempts to confess her crush to Gunzou... and instead demands the vibration warhead and data.
    • Chapter 20 has Takao snuggling her Gunzou body pillow.
      • A bonus page in the seventh volume shows other assorted belongings of hers: books on strategy board games, do-it-yourself scale models of the original I-401 and Takao, a picnic set, a complete navy captain uniform set and Gunzou body pillow ver2.0 (now in casual clothes).
    • Takao and Gunzou shakes hands in Chapter 31. She manages to keep her composure until he turns around and then she just stares at her hand almost as if saying "I'm not washing this hand ever again".
    • Chapter 41: "The jig is up Tsundere Heavy Cruiser."
  • Chapter 20, Captain Komaki dreams about asking Hibiki to be the Sonar Officer. With... interesting subtext.
  • Shizuka's spec ops uniform includes a badass helmet with a skull design on the opaque face shield... and heart-shaped Blush Stickers.
  • C'mon, a Haruna-shaped hole in a warehouse wall?
  • Haruna and her humongous coat. "Shakii~iim". Or, in the Crunchyroll sub: "Shazam".
    • Naturally, this trait got abused by Makie and Maya in the 8th episode.
      • Listen to the music that plays when the coat is off. Yes, they really used that song
  • In the anime, we finally see Takao making landfall at Iwo Jima... It was not smooth sailing. (Her getting beaned in the face with a cruise missile was especially hilarious).
  • Kirishima as Youtarou the bear plush. The anime-only scene at the dinner table was especially hilarious.
    Haruna: Kirishima... stuffed animals don't eat carrots.
    • And starting with the intro for Episode 6... Bear!Kirishima and Kirishima show up side-by-side.
    • Bear!Kirishima trying to swim in episode 8. Turns out that the plush body absorbed so much water that it renders Kirishima immobile when soaked enough. To remedy this, Haruna wrung the water out.
  • The ending of Episode 7 is completely identical to the normal ending... Except the Mental Models are replaced with the ships, complete with the orientation of each Fog.
    • Speaking of Episode 7... the way Hyuuga reveals her mental model to the others.
  • Chapter 50 of the Manga has Iona temporarily in charge of... Herself (oh such shenanigans Anthropomorphization brings), when the Fog suddenly attacks while they are at depth, catching the crew totally off-guard, leading to this moment:
    Iona: Start the engine! [...] 401! Slow to the side! Sou! Lock the doors that aren'talong Shizuka's path.
    Sou: Yes.
    Iona: Kyohei! Insert corrosive warhead torpedoes into tubes 1-4! Insert active decoys into tubes 5 and 6!
    • Ashigara nearly drowns herself when she dives without putting up her Klein Field to go after 401.
  • Early in episode 11, Haruna remarked that losing Takao was a great loss... only for Takao to appear on several screens a few moments later (and finally being spun by Makie, complete with swirly eyes on Takao's end). This is quite a Mood Whiplash after episode 10's serious Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Episode 12. Takao's mental model is restored. Her very first action is to tackle Gunzou.