Heartwarming / Arpeggio of Blue Steel

  • Episode 6 of the anime. Haruna's Friendship Epiphany as she realises she's protecting Makie because she's her friend.
    • Topped by when she asks Makie to be their friend.
      • Topped even further when they meet up again in chapter 46 on the manga, terrified that the other will hate them because they were created to be each other's enemies.
      • Haruna has gone undercover to investigate the Facility 4 fire, as "Haruna Osakabe"
  • Takao sacrificing her body to create a new body for Iona, because she's Gunzou's ship.
  • In episode 12, when Iona hugs Kongou as she was crying.
    • Mirrored beautifully in Cadenza when Kongou, while not hugging Iona, still gives her a very inspiring speech that gets Iona out of her depression. It's strong enough that Iona overcomes her system locks forced on her by Musashi and assumes full control of her vessel again.