Funny / Analyze This

  • The opening flashback to the infamous mob convention known as the Apalachin Meeting, with out-of-place urbanite mafioso coping with cows getting too close to their cars.
    • And then the cops show up, forcing every mob boss to smash their way out of every door and window to escape arrest. Has to be witnessed as there is no way to describe how funny it is to see obese mobsters run for their lives.
      • Years later the same situation plays out again, complete with a fat guy running away and falling down.
  • Pillow therapy.
    Sobel: You know, whenever I get angry, I hit a pillow. Here, hit this pillow.
    Vitti (pulls out a gun and shoots the pillow, feathers flying everywhere): There's your fucking pillow.
    Sobel (wincing): Feel better?
    Vitti (thinks it over): Yeah... I do.
  • Psychology Terminology meets the Mob.
    Primo: Get a dictionary. Find out what this "closure" thing is. If that's what he's going to hit us with, I want to know what it is.
  • After Sobel tells Vitti about The Godfather dream he had, we get Vitti's response:
    Vitti: I was Fredo? I don't think so.
  • Pretty much everything Jelly says count as Crowning Funny.
  • "You... you... you're good, you!"