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Funny: A Game Comes To Equestria
  • The Non Sequitur from Pinkie Pie in the beginning. She begins with explaining about putting the right confetti into the Party Cannon and finding party hats, then after a bit of narration:
    Pinkie Pie: And that's why I had to buy five coconuts and ten limes!
  • The nickname Rainbow Dash calls Yugi through out the story—Sheep Boy.
  • Yugi pays Celestia and Luna a Visit— By becoming a Pony Cannonball to the Cutie Mark Crusaders' latest ploy in Cutie Mark aquirement.
    • Luna's reaction to finding Yugi in the wall:
    Luna: What is the Meaning of th—Oh! Little Game! Hath thou come to see us?
  • Yugi first meeting Luna. Yugi meeting Luna. It does turn into heartwarming adorkableness as they end up becoming best friends after the events in the chapter.
  • Do I sound 'Hip' enough? My sister is helping me with my speech patterns and writing to be more 'in the now'.
  • Pinkie's demonstration of the Welcome Wagon to Yugi. unlike what happens within the show, it almost works exactly as she planned it. Almost.
    Pinkie Pie: Ah, Rats! It's still got problems with the Confetti shooter! At least the oven works fine, Though I think I might need to turn down the speed! I want ponies to have their cake and eat it too!
  • Twilight's attempt to use a summoning spell she learned ends up summoning... a muffin.
    Twilight: A muffin? that's it? I thought the spell was meant for summoning other creatures! Why did I summon a muffin?
    *Cue said muffin attacking Twilight*
  • The conversation-turned-argument Celestia and Guiding Wings have.... While fighting off a five-headed dragon.
    Cadence: What is Aunt Tia and Guiding Wings shouting about?
    Luna: I believe something my sister forgot to mention.
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