Funny / A Fistful of Dynamite

  • Many despite the amount of serious content. Highlights include Juan's stripping his recently robbed victims naked and finding out he'd been conned into becoming a "great grand glorious hero of the revolution" by Mallory.
  • The very first scene involves Juan taking a leak.
  • When he realizes John's a demolitions expert, his vision has a GIANT BANNER of his dream bank hanging in mid-air over John's head. "Trippy" doesn't even begin to describe it!
  • Juan drunkenly gushing over Mesa Verde, even though he only remembers the bank.
  • Juan being unable to get his machine gun to start.
  • This exchange, when Juan wants to quit his ties with the revolution.
    John: Oh, you can't leave now, Juan-o. You're a grand and glorious hero of the revolution now.
    Juan: Can I tell you something?
    John: What?
    Juan (whispering): Fuck you!
  • Juan's double take at finding how many people he freed from the vaults.