Funny / The Fisher King

  • The transvestite's dance for Lydia. Lydia's startled reaction and Jeter's delivery of the line, "You must be she." really sell it.
  • After rescuing Jack from the teens, Parry brings him to a den full of hobo's. The hammy way Parry and John the hobo address each other is priceless, as they both start randomly screaming and then stop to calmly greet.
    John: How are you tonight?
    Parry: Not bad John. And you?
    John: Can't complain.
  • Tom Waits' cameo as a disabled war veteran. He has a little talk with Jack, telling him a random story about a guy named Bob and... well, it's just hilarious:
    Veteran: See, I'm what you call kind of a moral traffic light, really. I'm like saying, "Red. Go no furthur." Bwooi! Bwooi! Bwoooi!
  • The Central Park scene. Parry decides to go au naturale, trying to convince Jack to do the same. Then he starts dancing:
    Parry: Free up the little guy! Let him flap in the breeze!
    • Then Jack's rant to Parry before that:
    Jack: I'm talking to the little people!
    Parry: Are they here?
    Jack: They say "Jack, go to the nearest liquor store and findeth the Jack of Daniels so that ye may be shit-faced! Doolang! Doolang!
    Parry: They said that?
    Jack: You are out of your fucking mind!
    Parry: Bingo!
    • The next part shows Jack lying down with Parry, still naked, in the grass watching the night sky, during which Jack says this:
    Jack: What if some homophobic jogger runs by and kills us to get back at his father? "Jack Lucas, found dead next to a dead, naked man. The two were dead and his companion was naked." I hate it when they use the word "companion." It's so insinuating. Probably boost the sales of my biography. The public has a fascination with celebrity murders involving nakedness.