Fridge / Zettai Hero Project

  • Fridge Brilliance: "Etranger" means "Unknown" in French. Super Baby's mother hasn't named her yet.
    • It also means "Foreigner" (She is Blonde.) So her deadbeat father is foreign? Oh, Japan.
      • "The Stranger" is also the name given for Satan by Mark Twain... Super Baby was born on a date that corresponds with the Number of the Beast...
    • Due to the mechanics of the Game, Using Weapons and Skills is dangerous to do too much. Meaning you have to use your best moves carefully, not spam them like you would in Disgaea. Just like all our beloved Sentai Heros.
  • Do you remember Pirohiko's Bizarro World counterpart? It's of the Corpse enemy type. Which means it will come back to life in a set number of turns, Foreshadowing Pirohiko's revival.

  • Fridge Horror: Bizarro Earth and Regular Earth and everyone in them are connected, and since Bizarro Earth is inhabited by the monsters you defeat. What happens to their counterparts on Earth?
    • It's implied that they're perfectly fine; you aren't killing them. They're hired by the WHS to train you.
      • This brings new horror to Superhero Aurum's line that "they didn't allow him to die."
    • How the main character's family had been treating him for the past 8 years. Sniping at each other and blaming him for everything.
    • The entire conflict of Level-4, where it turns out that on Bizarro Earth the bullied one was Nonelly, who was actually being beaten up by her sister and was taking it out on Doro. On Earth however, the sister is actually Nonelly's father.

Alternative Title(s): Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku