Funny / Zettai Hero Project

  • Almost anything Pirohiko says, such as using heroism to complain about his mother finding his porn stash.
  • Once Medeia realizes that Main Character is a fake, she starts calling him the Unlosing Ranger (temp) with a very deadpan emphasis on "(temp)". This is especially hilarious when she's very excitedly saying "the Unlosing Ranger" but would briefly regress to deadpan just for the (temp).
  • In Level-X, when the Troublemaker Hero puts on the Plump Bosom equipment saying the Main Character Wouldn't Hit a Girl.
    • Pirohiko: Those tits are fake! You've got the eguipment made for men dangling between your legs! Tripod Ranger!
  • In New Game+, it's entirely possible to defeat Darkdeath Evilman in your very first battle. Nadeshiko and the Super Baby are less than pleased, however, which leads into one of the game's gag endings.

Alternative Title(s): Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku