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Fridge: The Wire
Fridge Brilliance
  • Of course Brother Mouzon favors a Walther. He doesn't need a heavy caliber since he's well-trained enough to place his shots in more lethal locations.
    • Fridge Logic: Mouzone aims one-handed and on his chest, instead of the correct two-handed and on sight.
  • Most of Barksdale's crew (before Slim Charles) are pretty short—except for Avon and Stringer. The King and Queen are usually the tallest pieces on a Chess board.
    • And look where Slim Charles ended up.
  • Remember Bodie's Last Stand? Chris and Snoop take on Bodie by ganging up on him diagonally, like bishops, which fit their role in Stanfield Organization. Unable to run away, Bodie stands his ground and shoots them diagonally, like a pawn moves to take pieces in chess. Then he gets shot by O-Dog who comes out of an alley and turns left, like a knight would move, where a pawn couldn't protect himself.
    • Even better: Bishops and knights are the pieces that D'Angelo didn't mention on the first chess scene. Bodie, a pawn, couldn't have been prepared.
  • When you learn that Season 3 was conceived as a metaphor for the Iraq War (confirmed by Word of God on the DVD commentary), many plot points in that season suddenly look a lot different. The first scene of the first episode involves "twin towers" being demolished, the West Side dealers name their new drug package "WMD", the season finale is titled "Mission Accomplished", Avon decides to start a war with Marlo on the false pretense that he murdered Stringer, etc.

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