Fridge / The Wire

Fridge Brilliance
  • Most of Barksdale's crew (before Slim Charles) are pretty short—except for Avon and Stringer. The King and Queen are usually the tallest pieces on a Chess board. And look where Slim Charles ended up.
  • Remember Bodie's Last Stand? Chris and Snoop take on Bodie by ganging up on him diagonally, like bishops, which fit their role in Stanfield Organization. Unable to run away, Bodie stands his ground and shoots them diagonally, like a pawn moves to take pieces in chess. Then he gets shot by O-Dog who comes out of an alley and turns left, like a knight would move, where a pawn couldn't protect himself. Even better: Bishops and knights are the pieces that D'Angelo didn't mention on the first chess scene. Bodie, a pawn, couldn't have been prepared.
  • When you learn that Season 3 was conceived as a metaphor for the Iraq War (confirmed by Word of God on the DVD commentary), many plot points in that season suddenly look a lot different. The first scene of the first episode involves "twin towers" being demolished, the West Side dealers name their new drug package "WMD", the season finale is titled "Mission Accomplished", Avon decides to start a war with Marlo on the false pretense that he murdered Stringer, etc.
  • Stringer Bell fancies himself a man who is "above" the streets, and he takes college classes in an effort to educate himself. Freeze-Frame Bonus sightings show that he gets A-'s on his tests: smart...but not the smartest guy in the room like he thinks he is.
  • Landsman doesn't really start his food and porn routine unabashedly until season 3, this could be a case of Characterization Marches On or just Jay waiting until Rawls has been promoted upstairs. He resumes his natural habits when nobody is breathing down his neck.
  • D'Angelo is talking about himself, but his analysis of The Great Gatsby eventually applies to Stringer as well and his desire to be something he could never be.
    D: There are no second acts in American lives. The past is always with us. Where we come from, what we go through, how we go through it, all that shit matters. It's like you can change up, right? You can say you're somebody new, you can give yourself a whole new story, but what came first is who you really are, and what happened before is what really happened. And it don't matter that some fool say he different 'cause the only thing that can make you different is what you really do or what you really go through. Like, you know, like all them books in his library. Now, he fronting with all them books but if we pull one down off the shelf, ain't none of the pages ever been opened. He got all them books, and he ain't read near one of them. Gatsby, he was who he was, and he did what he did. And 'cause he wasn't ready to get real with the story, that shit caught up to him.
  • Cutty is occasionally seen wearing a double-breasted suit jacket. Since he has no spending money and just finished a 14-year prison term, he hasn't had the means or opportunity to update his wardrobe.
  • After a bender, McNulty gargles Listerine (which Beadie notes doesn't actually hide the scent of Jameson) and then swallows it. Mouthwash contains alcohol, so Jimmy is still drinking even after getting home! Listerine, at 54 proof, has the highest alcohol content of any major brand.
  • In Season 1, Augustus Polk attempts to throw himself down a flight of stairs to get disability coverage, but is interrupted. In season 5, Daniels finds him in Property and quips, "Good to see you landed on your feet!"

Fridge Horror
  • In the fifth season, Bunk goes to the Missing Persons Unit to get some files. If you thought the Homicide Unit was dysfunctional and underserved, Missing Persons is just one guy in an office the size of closet, surrounded by piles of case files. Given how difficult missing persons cases are to begin with, you're more likely to be found if you're a corpse.
  • Colvin convinces Wee-bey, a murderer who has killed God knows how many people, to do the right thing by his son Namond and let Colvin adopt him so Namond will have a chance at a better life. Carver tries to convince the police and Child Services to do the right thing by Randy and let the kid have a chance at a better life, but is unable to do so, and the result breaks Randy. A gangland assassin who is completely hardened to killing people is more willing and able to help a child than the police and Child Services, whose entire job is supposed to be protecting people and taking care of children.
  • How easily the police lab could destroy or mislabel evidence, resulting it being impossible to find horrific criminals. All the more so because it's completely true, and is a problem that has bugged police laboratories around the country.