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Fridge: The Catherine Tate Show
Fridge Brilliance
  • One of the recurring sketches in an episode of The Catherine Tate show features a lower-class Northern Irish family who are portrayed as stereotypical violent, rough Belfastians, but surprisingly (and overly) accepting of the teenage son's homosexuality. In one sketch, she chats with a neighbor, and at first it sounds like they're talking about the Orange parade and jail:
    Kathleen: "Will ye be marchin' with us on Sundee, Rosemary?"
    Rosemary: "Aye. We'll show the bastards."
    Kathleen: "How's yer Martin?"
    Rosemary: "Fine."
    Kathleen: "He'll be out soon, no doubt."
    Rosemary: "Fifteen years!"
    Kathleen: "Aye. Well. He's a hard man, but he's a principled man."
    • At the end of the episode, the family can be seen marching together in a gay pride parade. It wasn't until a repeat viewing, when I noticed Rosemary amongst them, that I realized the above conversation was really about gay pride.

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