Awesome / The Catherine Tate Show

  • In the Comic Relief special, Lauren gets a new teacher who looks exactly like the Doctor for some reason. This plays out like you'd expect. When Lauren annoys him enough, the teacher finally calls her stupid and threatens to fail her for the semester. What follows is an epic rant from Lauren, using her Catchphrase ("Amest I bovvered, my liege?"), using Elizabethan insults, reciting Sonnet 130 from memory, and finally ending with her screaming, "BITE ME, ALIEN BOY!" Then he takes his Sonic Screwdriver and turns her into a Billie Piper doll then finishes off with a lame pun:
    • Two other Lauren sketches do this as well, both suggesting that Lauren's much smarter than she lets on. In one, a French teacher threatens to fail her, and Lauren responds with a bevy of insults and catchphrases spoken in perfect French. In the other, Lauren's chemistry teacher calls her out for talking in class and challenges her to identify elements on the periodic table; she does so effortlessly, and turns the teacher's attempts to name other elements into insults ("RU." "Are you a geek, though?").
  • Only one person has ever successfully turned Lauren's insults and "Am I bovvered?" catchphrase back on her. That person? Prime Minister Tony Blair, who appeared As Himself in a Red Nose Day Sketch with Lauren doing work study. That Tate was able to get the leader of the British government to appear on a comedy show is impressive, to say the least.
    • Similar to the above: the Lauren character and her friends once appeared in the Royal Variety Performance. The camera showed none other than Queen Elizabeth II laughing at the jokes, and Lauren proceeded to throw out some royal insults ("Is one bovvered? Who's mindin' the Corgis?"). As a punchline, Lauren receives a phone call—turns out that she's been knighted ("I've just been made a Dame").