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Fridge: That '70s Show
Fridge Brilliance:
  • One might wonder why Eric would find Casey Kelso calling him "Foreplay" objectionable...that is, until one realizes Casey is implying that Eric merely warmed Donna up for him.
  • Invoked by Hyde upon learning that his real father is black. According to him, it explains "my fro, my inherent coolness, my constant suspicion of the man."
  • Maybe not brilliant, but a certain Fridge Logic about the dates as shown at the end of each episode: the plate stickers on a car don't denote what year it actually is, but what year the plate expires. This can be up to two years beyond the date of purchase.
  • Red was always on Eric for his Star Wars toys and making references to the movie. This is just Red being Red... Until you realize Kurtwood Smith played in a Star Trek movie before this show. He's a Trekkie picking on a Star Wars fan!

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