Funny / That '70s Show

  • Let's get this out of the way; Leo's first appearance when Hyde interviews to work at the Photo Hut is hilarious.
    Leo: Hope you don't mind if I pay you in cash. I wanna keep Big Brother off my back.
    Hyde: Don't want the government messing with your business?
    Leo: No, literally, my big brother. He's always mooching off me.
    Hyde: So you're the responsible one?
    Leo (shakes head): It's a curse man.
  • Kelso and Fez are so close they flirt on occasion.
    Kelso: I can't believe Jackie rejected me.
    Fez: I know. She wouldn't even go out with me when I asked.
    Kelso: Yea! And that's surprising, cause yer a good looking dude!
    Fez (smiling): Right back atcha, Kelso.
    Kelso: Yea, you and me? We're what's known as "Man Pretty."
  • Red's American pride, and how he considers any other countries inferior, especially when it comes to war.
    • For example, when he was eating waffles...
    Eric: What's so Belgian about them?
    Red: They crumble at the hands of the Nazis.
    Red: Damn U.S. government? Without our government, you'd be stuck in Siberia now, sucking the juice out of a rotten commie potato! ...let me tell you something, if the U.S. government decides to stick a tracking device up your ass, you say, "Thank You!" And "God Bless America!"
  • In the second episode, Eric doesn't want a party for his 17th birthday because he feels like he's too old for a party. His mother is ignoring this, so he asks Laurie, in her first appearance, to convince Kitty not to throw him one, but with subtlety. She agrees, if she can use the Vista Cruiser that night. We then get the following conversation at the dinner table:
    Laurie: (to Kitty) Oh, yeah, I just remembered. Eric thinks he's too old for a birthday party. (to Eric, with her hand out) Keys?
    Eric: Sorry, Laurie, I just remembered I can't loan you the Vista Cruiser on account of I hate you.
  • Let's not forget the moment that crosses over into Ho-Yay territory also in the second episode. When Kitty is having her Dream Spot about what could go wrong at Eric's party, Donna and Jackie ask who wants to give Eric a "venereal disease" (she's a nurse remember?)it cuts over to Hyde and Kelso, and Hyde has his hand up as a volunteer! Looks like Kitty might be an accidental Shipper On Deck
  • When the gang was trying to sneak the Vista Cruiser out after Red performs bed checks, they get caught.
    Kelso: It's Red!! Run for it!! [bolts, leaving everyone else behind]
    • This is made even better by Red's reaction...
      Red: Oh, hells and bells!
    • Earlier, to keep anyone from sneaking out or in, Red hangs bells on all the doors, so Eric, Hyde, and Laurie are forced to watch The Brady Bunch Variety Hour with the folks.
      Eric: Yeah, I love the Bradys. [to Hyde] Oh, remember that episode where Mr. Brady went completely insane and put bells on all the doors?
      Red: Hey, did you see the one where Greg was a real wiseass, and Mr. Brady took him outside and cleaned his clock?
      Laurie: Did you ever see the one where I hated living here? [storms out]
      Hyde: That one's my favorite.
  • From the begining of the episode "Hyde Moves In", instead of just cruising the Vista Cruiser all night, the gang decides to go skinny-dipping. However, there are some...unfortunate consequences
    • Also from that episode, there's this:
    Fez: Hey, naked is dirty. (singing) Dirty, dirty, dirty!
    Everyone (singing): Dirty, dirty, dirty! Dirty, dirty, dirty!
  • Here's...probably the funniest moment from Season One
    (talking about how Jackie "whips" Kelso in the Circle)
    Hyde (imitating Jackie): "Michael, call me at 8:00!"
    Eric (also imitating Jackie): "Michael, do your Chico impression!"
    Fez (also imitating Jackie): "Michael, rub oil on my thighs, while I spank you."
    (Kelso, Hyde and Eric are visibly disturbed by what Fez just said. Now, back to Fez.)
    Fez (uncomfortable): ...please someone else talk now.
  • Donna and Eric are sitting on the hood of the Vista, discussing how she's on the Pill, but she doesn't want to do anything sexual yet — but she promises she'll let him know when she's ready. Eric says okay, then two seconds later asks, "How about now?" Donna says no. "Okay. ...How about now?" Another no. "Okay... how about NOW?" Donna just smiles and leaves Eric sitting alone on the car. ...Then after a moment, Red comes from around the corner with a garden hose in his hand and COMPLETELY douses Eric.
    Red: ...It's for your own good, son.
    • The earlier scene where Eric finds out Donna's on the Pill outshines it. Eric's in line at the pharmacy with Donna's father behind him. The pharmacist greets Bob and says he has Donna's prescription ready, rattling off an incomprehensible name for it.
    Bob: What's that?
    Pharmacist: Birth control pills.
    Eric: *jumps like a scalded cat, spins around, takes one look at Bob's face and runs like hell.*
    • It's only afterwards that Bob realizes the implications of what just happened. The comedically horrified look on his face is priceless.
    • The "Open For Business" video, narrated by Gary Owens, about how Donna can have lots of sex due to being on the pill.
  • Eric and Hyde are talking about Hyde's relationship with Jackie when Kelso, who has no idea about it, comes in and asks what they were talking about. Eric and Hyde simultaneously answer, "Indy 500". They then look at each other, nod knowingly, and say, "Nice!"
    • Don't forget the scene leading up to that part:
    Eric: But, man, she's the devil!
    Hyde: What can I do? She's hot.
    Eric: No, you only think she's hot because she's made of hellfire.
    Hyde: All right, what if you were stranded on a desert island with her?
    Eric: [pause] Murder-suicide.
    • Made even better by the fact that Eric is incapable of seeing Jackie as attractive because of her abrasive personality, until Hyde tells him to tune her out like he does. Cue the same scene again, but with Hawaiian music playing over her.
    Eric: "Holy crap... she IS hot!"
  • Basically everything in Season 2 Episode 13, "Hunting". Some notable bits:
    • Red noting that it's the start of deer season, causing Eric and Hyde to immediately start yelling "Wabbit season!" "Duck season!" at each other.
    • Kelso's trigger-happiness gets on everyone's nerves right from the start:
    Kelso: Hey Red, don't freak out, but if I see a deer on the side of the road, I'm gonna shoot him!
    Red: Kelso, you fire that gun in this car, and I will pull over and kick your ass for an hour.
    • On the subject of shooting bears out of season:
    Kelso: Who's the jury gonna believe, me or a dead bear?
    Everyone Else: Dead bear.
    • "He said he was going hunting. He had a whistle and a stick."
    • But the crowner has to be Kelso, Hyde, Fez, and Bob sitting in a circle, when suddenly...
  • Red coaches Eric on how to win a fight. Bob, out of nowhere, chimes in, "Hit him with a banjo." Bob's supporting argument makes it even better - "I saw a guy get hit with a banjo once, and he went down!"
    Red: Hitting a guy with a banjo is dirty; (to Eric) you want to knee him in the groin.
    Bob: You could hit him in the groin with a banjo.
  • Donna has given Eric a horrible ring as a gift. Hyde points out how she got her clothing/accessory taste from her dad.
    Eric: Hyde, Fez, my girlfriend has bad taste
    Fez: Well, she is dating you.
  • When Red catches the boys smoking pot:
    Red: I wish I had 2000 feet, so I could put 500 of them in each of your asses!!!!
  • After Kelso sees Jackie kissing Hyde, he prepares to make Hyde confess by challenging him to a battle of wits. The result is this:
    Hyde: What's up?
    Kelso: That's an interesting question, Hyde. What is up?
    Hyde: Well, I guess you know about me and Jackie.
    Kelso: Aaaaaaah, so the battle of wits has begun!
    Hyde: What battle of wits? I admit it. I'm messing around with Jackie.
    Kelso: I hate you!
    (Kelso slams into a speaker eye-first when Hyde dodges his charge.)
    Kelso: Ow, my eye!
  • In the episode 'Eric's Panties', Donna finds a pair of panties on the Vista Cruiser, and is convinced that Eric is cheating on her with another woman. So, she goes off to the Hub to confront Eric of the matter. Shelly, the girl Donna suspects to be said girl, denies and leaves. Eric then says that he has no idea who the panties belong to... Midge, Donna's mom, comes rushing in afterwards (guess where she and Bob had sex a short while ago...):
    Midge: Donna! (runs over to Donna and grabs the panties) Those panties are mine.
    Kelso: ERIC! (He and Fez bow down to Eric) YOU ARE A GOD! (Screen cuts to Eric, Donna, and Midge looking very annoyed, before turning back to the two) A GOD I SAY!
    Donna: Eric, how do you explain all this!?
    • The fact that he has a mysterious rope hanging from his ceiling that exists for no other reason than to rain down panties.
    • Don't forget the part where Shelly explains that her panties are white cotton, with a little rose in the middle. Cue Eric, Kelso, and Fez imaging them.
  • Mitch Hedberg as Frank, the clerk at The Hub.
    Frank: Hey, I did not lose a leg in Vietnam so I could serve hot dogs to teenagers.
    Kelso: You have both your legs, Frank.
    Frank: Like I said, I did not lose a leg in Vietnam!
  • Eric returns home from the Drive-In where he and Donna made out for the first time. He finds Red smoking a cigarette when earlier he and Kitty had sex in the car.
    Red: How was the movie?
    Eric: It was good.
    Red: How did it end?
    Eric: I don't remember.
    Red: 'Atta boy.
    Eric: Good night, Dad.
    Red: Good night, son. Oh, and be quiet going up the stairs. Your mother is... very tired.
  • "A wise man once said 'Know Thyself.' That man's name... was Tater Nuts!
  • Fez is trying to get his green card to stay in America. Donna and Jackie tutor Fez. Unfortunately, Red doesn't like what they are teaching and takes matters into his own hands. Thus begins the most hilarious thing recorded on television. Ever.
  • Red in The Circle. Sure it may have been from a Kelso dream sequence, but it is still definitely a crowning foot up the ass of funny.
    Red: (holds up a can of whipped cream) I'm tellin' ya, this stuff isn't just for cakes. It's great all by itself. (squeezes the cream into his mouth and laughs) Wait, wait... watch this. (squeezes the cream into a pile on top of his head) Look at me. I'm Whipped Cream Head. Fear me. ALL FEAR WHIPPED CREAM HEAD!
  • When the guys are mistakenly jailed for driving someone else's car, Eric is elected to talk them out of jail... but the cops were just about to let them go. Then one cop notices Eric's last name:
    Cop #2: Hey, is your father Red Forman?
    Eric: Yes?
    Cop #2: You poor bastard!
  • Eric and Donna's parents get into Hyde's "special brownies", and Hilarity Ensues. Pretty much the entire episode after that point is one long Crowning Moment Of Funny as Red sells the Vista Cruiser and Eric and Hyde have to try to get him to focus so they can find out who he sold it to and get it back.
    • The parents' Circle sequence itself is amazing. Red sings "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" after admitting he's glad the plant is closing so he can be free to do his own thing, Bob just keeps eating potato chips, Midge admits that she had jumped out of a cake, and Kitty shares to the others that Red is great in bed.
  • Bob arguing with "Fatso". Must be seen to be believed. Just hear the hatred and hammyness in the final line.
    Hyde: That was awesome! Bob just got into a fight with a ceramic clown!
    Donna: Believe it or not, it wasn't the first time!
    • From the same episode: Randy's clown voice for Fatso and how he conveniently found a clown horn to bleep out some of the more risque things he says.
    • Bob was in the toilet when he learned of Kennedy's assassination.
    • Red pretends to be angry at the kids for stealing Fatso, while Kitty is scolding at them.
    Fez: Wow, did you see that? I never seen Red so angry.
  • "Dude, you shot him!"
  • "I stole my dad's tap! Back... from those thieves..."
  • What are you doing in Canada?
  • Fez's reaction to Kelso being shirtless after a fight with Jackie in which she snatches the shirt he was wearing since it was a gift from her: "YOU! DON'T POINT AT ME WITH YOUR POINTY NIPPLES!"
  • A great episode is Jackie's father's cabin. The whole back and forth with the doll expo, and the missing stash is hilarious, but the crowning moment of it all:
    Red: Kelso, is that what I think it is?
    Kelso: If you mean paprika, then yes sir!
    Kitty: Michael, honey, paprika is red.
    Kelso: If you mean green paprika, then yes sir!
    Red: Green paprika?
    Kelso: (whispering to Hyde) Hyde, what am I looking for here?
    Hyde: (clearly annoyed) Oregano.
    Kelso: If you mean oregano, then yes sir!
  • A classic, during breakfast time.
    Eric: Hey. Leggo my Eggo.
    Red: Hey. Leggo my foot in your ass!
  • "You are about to read a book that my foot wrote! It's called On the Road to In Your Ass."
  • Chocolate Super Lax! It's even funnier in context.
    • In The Stinger, Kelso comes back, compliments Eric and Donna on their glorious burn, but warns them he won't fall for something like that again...while he picks up another brownie and starts eating it.
    Donna: ...I love our friends.
  • Red's war story:
    Red: They'll never expect it, it throws them off. You know one time in Korea, we had this little guy outnumbered, 20 to 1. But then he ran at us, screaming his head off. And we were so taken off guard, (chuckles) that we dove into our foxholes!
    Eric: And he got away?
    Red: No, no. No, I mean we were startled for a few seconds, but then the whole company just opened up on him.
  • Whatever ever you do, don't give Fez the amaretto. No matter how much it tastes like liquid candy...
    Fez: I am a winter nymph! I love the snow! HOORAY AMERICA!!!
  • In one episode the Foremans are throwing a barbecue and Eric comes up with a series of plans to embarrass Donna's then boyfriend Casey Kelso, which leads to Hyde comparing him to Daffy Duck.
    Hyde: Hey Forman, here's an idea; set up a wacky system of ropes & pulleys, then, when Casey walks by, drop an anvil on his head.
    Eric: Yeah, I got that Fez.
    • Hyde: "Wow, that worked out thuper!"
    • Earlier in the same episode, Eric is upset when he finds out Kitty invited Casey to the barbecue, so she tries to make it up to him by saying they won't give him any relish.
  • Kelso and the door.
  • "The Best Christmas Ever"/"That '70s Christmas" but there is one where Kelso attempts to leap over the couch, trips over the table, and somehow lands on two feet. The look on Asthon Kutcher's face clearly says "that was not supposed to happen."
  • Young Red crying over his first breakup. And saying he took it like a man.
  • While trying to steal a street sign to give to Hyde for his 18th birthday, the gang sends Kelso to steal a hacksaw from Red.
    Red: Kelso! What are you doing?
    Kelso: I need a saw so I can...chop down a tree. Because there's a rabbit stuck in it. And I need to get it down so it can lay its eggs.
    Red: Kelso! Rabbits don't lay...How did a rabbit get up a tree?
    Kelso: Eric threw it up there.
    Red: Eric...threw a rabbit...up a tree?!
    • Also from the same episode Kelso tries to bring the sign down with a firecracker. When the firecracker turns out to be a dud, he puts it in his jacket pocket. It then later explodes in his pocket.
      • Equally hilarious is the exchange where Kelso and Eric argue about who should check if the firecracker is a dud:
    Kelso: You're like, super skinny, if it blows up, you've got the best chance of having stuff not hit you
    Eric: But on the other hand, no one would be surprised if you blew yourself up.
    Kelso: That's true.
    • Or when he ties a rope to the signpost and then to his van's bumper to pull it down. Instead, the bumper comes off. Bonus because he wouldn't allow the simple method of standing on his van to reach the sign because he was afraid they'd damage it.
  • "Oh, don't tell me crap shoes is coming with us." "IT WAS ON FIRE!"
  • When Eric comes home from "Hyde's Christmas Rager" all drunk and hung over:
    Eric: My head hurts.
    Red: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
  • The boys are hanging out under the stars, hoping to spot a UFO. Leo walks up and joins them.
    Hyde: Leo, what are you doing here?
    Leo: Wow, that's a really good question.
    • And a bit after that:
    Leo: I saw a UFO once. It sent me a message in big yellow letters. It told me I was gonna have a good year.
    Hyde: Um, Leo, was this at a football game, by any chance?
    Leo: Yeah....Good year? Aw, man! I had a lousy year! Stupid aliens.
  • "You morons just hung vacancy signs on your asses, and my foot is looking for a room!"
  • After being gone for several seasons (Tommy Chong was arrested) Leo shows up out of the freaking blue when Eric is stranded just outside the city limits.
    • Leo repeatedly talking to his old acquaintances normally, just as if he had never left... and then asking who they were.
    Eric: I can't tell if he has amnesia...or if he's perfectly fine.
  • This entire Last-Second Word Swap-based scene.
  • The Superhero Fantasy
    Red as villainous "Dr. Bald": Greetings, Super Dumbasses!
  • After Eric reads Donna's journal he thinks she wants him to be more of a badass so he gets a tattoo. When he goes to show Donna, he imagines himself as Steven Tyler, kicking Donna's bedroom door and wowing her. In reality he tries to kick the door down and bounces off.
    • The scene where Eric's getting his tattoo counts as well. He lets Leo do it, resulting in this bit of dialogue:
    Leo: Debbie's gonna love this, man.
    Eric: Yeah...Wait, who's Debbie?
    Leo: Your girlfriend!
    Eric: It's Donna!
    Leo: Oh...I can fix it!
    Fez: You should get a tattoo of boobs.
    Leo: I can make the B's into boobs
    Eric: What B's?
    Leo: In Debbie, your girlfriend!
    Eric: It's Donna!
    Leo: Oh, right....I can fix it!
    • The best part is when Eric shows Donna the tattoo, and she tells him what Leo actually drew: Woodstock.
    Donna: You have a little yellow bird on your ass!
  • The Foremans playing poker with Pastor Dave. When it comes time for Laurie to show her hand, she lays down 3 of a kind... 3 sixes, to be precise. Pastor Dave's reaction is priceless.
    • Also the Christmas Special where poor Pastor Dave tries to get the kids to collaborate in the church... and ends up tied to a chair with X-Mas lights.
  • God, what did you have for breakfast this morning, Carnation Instant Bitch ?
  • Red and Kitty have to cut short their evening out, and Kitty goes to phone Eric to let him know:
    Red: Kitty, don't call to let him know we're coming home early! If he's doing something he shouldn't - and we both know he is - it's important that I catch him at it.
    Kitty: Why?
    Red: Because it gives me pleasure.
  • The episode where Fez supposedly throws Kitty's engagement ring out the car window. Especially in the forest.
    Hyde: Whoa, did you guys hear that? It's the wild call of the brown-haired pygmy bitch!
    Jackie: I don't hear anything.
    Hyde: There it is again!
  • This line:
    Kitty: What is wrong with you?! Were you dropped on your head?!
    Kelso: Yes, I was! And up until now, everyone had the good grace not to mention it!
  • Kelso and the flare gun. Full stop.
  • When the chief of police finds out that Kelso is going to be a father.
    Chief: Who would breed with you??
  • In "Eric's Birthday", Kitty narrating what could happen at Eric's party:
    • "Who wants to give Eric a venereal disease?"
      • The best part of that line is that when you see Imaginary Donna and Jackie hold up their hands, you can clearly see HYDE hold his hand up in the background as well.
    • "Quiet, you silly American! I am making a long distance call on your parents' phone!"
    • "HAH! In my country of... wherever it is I am from, I can never tell, you dont let morals get in the way of a good dirty time!"
  • Red buys a VCR and wants to try it out as Roots is playing, Kitty, however, just wants to watch it while it's playing, but Red doesn't want to do it, claiming they can watch it numerous times after they record it. So Kitty has to wait two hours and when Red finally turns it on it's not playing, he checks and realized he forgot to put the tape in so it could record. Kitty is not happy.
    • "For making me miss Roots I'm going to go the kitchen and make brownies, and you're not getting any!!"
  • Eric trying to figure out what Laurie said about him, which causes him to admit that his nickname at summer camp was "Doctor Peepee" thinking that's what Laurie told them. Kelso starts making fun of him, Eric has four words for him.
    Eric: Big Chief Brown Bottom.
    • Then Eric and Laurie start revealing stuff about each other in front of Hyde and Fez.
      Eric: Laurie here waxes her lips, legs, eyebrows, toes, and shoulder blades.
      Laurie: In the fifth grade Eric sent away for the Charles Atlas kit, 'cause a girl kicked sand in his face!
      Eric: You stuffed in high school.
      Laurie: So did you!
      Eric: Last year Laurie used all her birthday money to buy a back massager. Which isn't fooling anyone, by the way.
      Laurie: Well! That's not as bad as when I walked in on you in bed with Dorothy Hamilton poster and you were all-
      Fez and Hyde: WHAT?!
      Eric: Yeah, Laurie was born with a tail!
      Laurie: I hate you!
      • Kelso is later told the story and realizes he slept with the devil.
        Kelso: She always told me it was a birthmark.
        Hyde: It WAS a birthmark. From when they cut off her tail at birth.
  • When Kelso and Donna have to hide under a bed:
    Donna: Kelso, get your hand off my ass.
    Kelso: It was an accident.
    Donna: It's still there.
    Kelso: It's still an accident!
    Donna: Kelso, it's still there!
    Kelso: [Laughs] Yeah.
  • In an early episode, the Formans invite Laurie's college professor to dinner to talk about her failing grades. During dinner, he proclaims his love for Laurie, which quickly gets him kicked out and leads to this hilarious comment by Kitty:
    Kitty: My God, he was in love with you and you still couldn't pass?
  • "Oral report on the penal code".
  • In the episode where Kitty and Red chaperone the guys as they visit The University Of Wisconsin, Kitty breaks Kelso's irritating electronic football game. In the credit sequence, Kelso shows up with a note from "his parents" asking him to replace it.
    Red: "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Foreman, please give Kelso 30 dollars to replace the game you broke. Signed, My Parents
    *Kitty, who up to this point in the episode have had terrible mood swings due to menopause, starts to laugh*
    Red: Hell, you made her laugh, that's worth 30 bucks! *pays Kelso*
  • Red and Eric looking up Menopause in the World Book.
    Eric: Look at the symptoms. Temperamental behavior, mood swings, facial hair... Oh, Dad, I think you have Menopause!
  • Jackie and Hyde explaining how they hooked up. In Jackie's version, Hyde is a perfect gentleman, and even calls her "my lady." Hyde's version is...simpler:
    Hyde: (voice-over) I'm hangin' out in the basement like I usually do, when Jackie showed up. It was obvious she wanted me.
    Jackie: I want you.
    Hyde: (bored) It's obvious. (they start making out)
    • What actually happened is pretty funny as well: Jackie and Hyde are the only ones watching "The Price Is Right" and they're both incredibly bored. It takes only a few moments for them to suddenly kiss...and it escalates into making out when a woman bids one dollar.
    • This actually becomes something of a Running Gag, with Jackie's fantasy sequences about Hyde not exactly meshing well with reality, such as him joining her in cheerleading practice, or a spontaneous wedding at The Hub.
  • Red's words of wisdom on "Thanksgiving":
    Eric: It's like bad things always happen to me, like I have bad luck or something.
    Red: (earnestly) Son, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to because you're a dumbass.
  • The guys watch a porno in a theater:
    Fez: I don't know what's going on, but that is the LUCKIEST pizza boy ever.
    Hyde: I agree. There's like 9 boobs in this scene alone.
    (A bit later in the scene)
    Fez: Aww, nothing's gonna happen in this scene, it's just two ladies.
  • Eric's 18th birthday, where the guys get him drunk, trick him into wiping motor oil on his face, then put him in a dress and leave him in the kitchen for Red and Kitty to find the next morning.
    Kitty: Oh good lord...
    Eric: *wakes up still drunk* Wuzzah?
    Red: Happy birthday, dumbass.
  • Eric coming home without pants after a failed attempt at mooning an annoying neighbor.
    Red: Are you coming home without pants AGAIN?! I'm going to paint some damn pants on you!
    Eric: Yes, but this time, I took my pants off by choice!
  • The flashback to Fez meeting Kitty and Red for the first time. He KISSES Kitty, and attempts to do the same to Red!
    Kelso: So how was Foreman's mom?
    Fez: At first she was giving me nothing, but at the end she was giving me something.
  • This gem from "Who's Been Sleeping Here?"
    Eric: Okay you know what? This fight keeps going nowhere, and you wanna know why? We are actually freaking out over something that KELSO said! Kelso, the guy that doesn't understand how hot dogs survive in the wild without eyes.
  • From "Hyde Moves In", Red's beeped-out Cluster F-Bomb and Atomic F-Bomb ordering Hyde to get his ass in the car. It works.
  • This exchange between Red and Kitty from one ep:
    Kitty: I know something very interesting about someone we know very well.
    Red: No, no. None of your supermarket gossip. If half of what you say is true, everybody in this town would have V.D.!
  • Kelso's ironic reaction to Fez's erotic dream about him.
    Fez: No! What could this mean?
    Kelso: Well, isn't it obvious? It means that I'm gay!
    • Not to mention the initial revelation, when the gang is playing basketball, and Fez reluctantly admits why he's acting so weird. Kelso, who's playing with his shirt off, covers himself up.
  • This fantastic BURN:
    Laurie: (to Kelso) Next time we go hiking, remind me to bring a blanket. I think I have a twig in my shorts.
    Hyde: What a coincidence, so does Kelso!
  • Their The Three Stooges parody. This troper doesn't know why they didn't hire Topher, Danny and Ashton as the Stooges for the 2012 movie- they're very good in the roles.
  • May double as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming depending on how aware Leo was. Fez needs money to buy new shoes, so he goes to work at Leo's photo hut. As he's fired due to being too efficient, he complains:
    Fez: How am I supposed to afford my new boots?
    Leo: You just do what I do, man. Just get some money out of the register when the boss isn't looking.
    Hyde: Once again, Leo, you are the boss.
    Leo: And I'm not looking!
    (Hyde takes some money from the register and gives it to Fez. Leo follows the entire procedure with his gaze).
  • When Donna and Eric decide to abstain before their wedding, Eric is caught masturbating but it gets even funnier when Donna ends up unintentionally admitting that she's Not So Different. His expression is priceless.
    Eric: Oh, my God, you do it too!
  • Some of the earlier Imagine Spots have characters lip-synching lines that are added later in the episode. It can either match up well or look very out of place and the lack of such consistency makes it even funnier.z
  • After Donna catches Jackie and Hyde kissing on her bed again, she sprays them with a water bottle like they were cats.
  • These quotes from the episode "It's All Over Now":
    Kitty: Oh, I feel terrible. I think it's the flu.
    Eric: Okay, now, is this the real flu or the 'Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante' flu?
    • Also, both Red and Kelso's views on where middle age begins, as well as Hyde's reaction to the mob of ladies looking for Tom Jones.
  • "Ski Trip" has all three Formans fantasizing while someone else is talking. Eric fantasizes about making out with Donna in front of a roaring fire under a blanket, Red fantasizes about making out with Kitty with a full head of hair, and Kitty seems to be fantasizing about sex, but it's actually Red cleaning the lamps.
  • In "Grandma's Dead," the guys go to a bar and encounter a few girls. They decide to use fake names: Ted (Kelso), Sergeant Shaft (Hyde), Honcho (Eric), and Eric Forman (Fez). It also gets funnier when they end up in a fight.
    Eric: You mess with Eric Forman and you mess with me.
  • To celebrate his daughter's birth, Kelso brings cigars.
    Jackie: Fun!
    Fez: I love cigars. (switch to Fez sitting in the circle) I hate cigars.
    Hyde: This is way worse than what we usually do in the circle. It tastes disgusting, it smells rank—it doesn't even make stuff funny. This should be illegal.
    Kelso: I hate this. It's like smoking a dirty sock, only easier.
    Jackie: (blowing out smoke casually) I love cigars. I'm good at everything!
    Fez: I just threw up a little.
  • After Red and Hyde walk in on Pam topless, Kitty makes Red uncomfortable:
    Red: I'm not comfortable with that question.
  • Fenton, mistakenly believing Kelso and Fez to be a couple, agrees to rent the apartment out to them, much to Red's amusement.
  • The Pro Wrestling Episode where the gang heads to a wrestling show in another town, and meet Rocky Johnson (played by Johnson's ludicruously successfull son The Rock) and gets his autograph. Johnson talks about how he hopes to one day have a son who becomes a sports entertainment megastar, to Eric and Red's baffled reaction. This serves as a time period joke as well, since, while popular at the time, pro wrestling had a bit of a dubious reputation, and wouldnt become a mainstream source of entertainment until Vince Mc Mahon took the WWE national ten years later.
    • Red is at first dismissive of the pro wrestlers, since he competed in amateur wrestling in high school, but is won over when he watches a wrestler bodyslam a midget.
  • Eric is taking various immunization shots in preparation of going to Africa to teach, and Kelso decides to go along for support. The shots are administered via the buttocks, and Kitty agrees to perform the shots.
    Eric: It's kind of weird spending our last moments together... bent over a table with our naked butts in the air.
    Kelso: This is how I always hoped it'd be. (Eric laughs) You know, I was gonna say that I'll miss you, but I'm not a nancy-boy.
    Eric: And, Kelso, there's something I want to say to you... SON OF A BITCH! Oh, that hurt like hell!
    Kitty: That was the alcohol swab.
    Eric: ...well, it was freezing.