* One might wonder why Eric would find Casey Kelso calling him "Foreplay" objectionable...that is, until one realizes Casey is implying that Eric merely warmed Donna up for him.
* Invoked by Hyde upon learning [[spoiler:that his real father is black. According to him, it explains "my fro, my inherent coolness, my constant suspicion of the man."]]
* Maybe not brilliant, but a certain Fridge Logic about the dates as shown at the end of each episode: the plate stickers on a car don't denote what year it actually is, but what year the plate expires. This can be up to two years beyond the date of purchase.
* Red was always on Eric for his ''Star Wars'' toys and making references to the movie. This is just Red being Red... Until you realize Kurtwood Smith played in a ''Franchise/StarTrek'' movie before this show. He's a [[{{FandomRivalry}} Trekkie picking on a Warsie]]!
** Taken even further since he was on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' for a two-part episode.
** And he guest starred as [[{{ItMakesSenseInContext}} Odo's predecessor/younger self]] on an episode of ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''.
* When Leo disappears with Kelso's baby, Kelso checks places like under the kitchen table and in the cupboards. This might seem like his usual stupidity, until you realize it wouldn't be out of character for Leo to put a baby in a cupboard.

* The episode "It's a Wonderful Life" has an alternate reality in which Eric and Donna never had that first kiss, and instead, Hyde starts dating Donna, and eventually marries her. The horror comes when you realize that during these years, Hyde and Eric drift further and further apart, which would have to mean that Hyde never moved in with the Formans when his mom left (it would be virtually impossible to forget about someone when you live with them). Also Donna explains at their high school reunion that Hyde is away a lot due to prison. Apparently, without the positive influence of the Formans, Hyde's criminal behavior got worse. Either he grew up in a foster home or joined a gang in this reality, or something equally as bad. Thank God that this episode was [[spoiler: AllJustADream.]]
* Eric learned to shoot by going through a "''Film/TaxiDriver'' phase." What might that have entailed?