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Fridge: Space Dandy
    Fridge Brilliance 
  • In the first episode Meow claims that some large aliens are docile, but they turn out to be very hostile. At first this is assumed to just be because Meow is dumb. But 13 episodes later, with the revelation that pulling cosmic strings sends one to another universe, it becomes apparent that the reason for that is actually because the planet they went to was in an entirely different universe than one Meow went to when he first visited.
  • In episode 20, the Jaicro Empire abandons its big offensive against the Gogol Empire...solely because their leader Johnny bailed to play guitar in a rock concert. Are they really incapable of doing anything at all in his absence? Well how else would you explain them not already having conquered a foe led by incompetents like Admiral Perry and Dr. Gel?
  • It's been established that Scarlet is the only woman that Dandy isn't attracted to. Considering that this is the same woman who constantly shoots down every alien he brings over to be registered (keep in mind that this is how Dandy makes his living), it's understandable that he wouldn't take a liking to her (her attitude towards him could also be a potential factor).
  • Episode 10 focuses on a "Groundhog Day" Loop, specifically with the number 8. A Mobius loop taking place when the local calendar reads July 8th. This episode aired on March 8th, and the next hour was Daylight Savings Time for the eastern coast of the United States.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Meow's family will never see him again after he dies in episodes 1 and 3.
    • For that matter, they become zombies in episode 4.
  • The characters remember every time that they die. It doesn't affect our heroes too much, because they tend to be oblivious to life, but it's really taking a toll on Dr. Gel and Bea.
  • Episode 24 reveals that Paul harnessed the power of a one-dimensional universe to warp into Dandy's universe. Cosmic Strings, which drag their pullers into an entirely different universe, look an awful lot like them...

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