Heartwarming / Space Dandy

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    Season One 
Episode 2: The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby
  • During their last trip to find the Ramen, Dandy and Meow find themselves at a ramen shop where an old man is serving ramen through a portal. Dandy and Meow order a bowl and begin listening to the Old Man's story and what made him go into the ramen business, complete heart aches and tears. The Old Man concluded saying he has accepted the secluded life, doing nothing but making his ramen, even after Dandy asked him if he ever gets lonely, to which he basically says he's used to it, dropping one tear into the Broth of the soup. Dandy accepts this and taste the Ramen, his response?
    Dandy: Mmmm, those are some tasty tears, they make for some good Broth.
    • Even better, even when they are told that the portal is about to close and both he and Meow have to rush out, Dandy makes it a point to offer the Old Man one more spot on his crew, while the Old Man politely declines, this shows that, despite his major flaws, Dandy is a nice guy and cements the type of person he is.

Episode 4: Sometimes You Can't Live Without Dying, Baby
  • The zombie Stiltonian the crew turned to for advice after getting zombified by it apparently got a job at the movie theater. As the undead crew move in to take their seats, a zombie hunter comes in soon after and asks for a ticket. Catching onto the charade, it bites him the second he sticks his hand through the hole in the ticket booth's glass.

Episode 5: A Merry Companion is a Wagon in Space, Baby
  • Dandy and his interactions with Adélie, the little alien girl.
    • He becomes more and more like her big brother. It's especially heartwarming when he stays up all night and finds the little alien girl's grandfather.
    • The last scene has one of these after another. Dandy decides against taking her to the Registration Office despite her worrying about all the money he spent tracking her down. Then she asks to join his crew and he more or less says 'you can when you're older'. The final lines in the episode cap it all: "I'm gonna grow up quick, and when I do, I'll be the one hunting you."

Episode 8: The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby
  • Dandy and the gang's interactions with Laika. As opposed to Spike, who "hates dogs, women and kids", these seem to be the only things that influence Dandy to do pure-hearted deeds for once.

Episode 10: There's Always Tomorrow, Baby
  • Initially, Meow isn't too keen on wanting to visit his home, saying that he left because he found life there too boring. Over the course of the time loop though, Meow decides to use this as an opportunity to reunite with his father and at least attempt to try and learn more about the job his dad works in (a job Meow didn't really want to go into). By the end, Meow feels like he's become much closer with his father, and when he's leaving he gives a heartwarming goodbye to him, his father saying he doesn't mind that Meow choose to explore the universe instead of becoming a metalworker.
    • Hell, Meow's father isn't just okay with Meow following his own path, he was downright proud of him for it! The barkeeper mentions Meow's dad brags about his son every night he's there, about how brave and special Meow is.

Episode 11: I'm Never Remembering You, Baby
  • Subtle example, but Bea is prominently shown being concerned for Gel's well-being. Bringing him tea and asking him to take breaks, actually stopping being a slob for once and trying his best as a replacement, and not abandoning him by evacuating when Gel's going crazy in the end. This is especially noticeable when you remember Dandy didn't really give a shit when Meow seemed sick.

Episode 13: Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby
    Season Two 
Episode 15: There's Music in Darkness, Baby
  • "Good? No, That's a great smile you got there"
  • When Dandy discovers what happened to Meow and QT, he's absolutely pissed, which contrasts greatly with his usual Jerkass behavior toward them.
  • Past Meow and QT trying to save their version of Dandy from being abducted by the Ukulele Man.

Episode 16: Slow and Steady wins the Race, Baby
  • Meow trying to stop Carpaccio from committing suicide.

Episode 17: The New Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby
  • Dandy inviting the awkward geeky girl to the Prom. Turns out she was the Cliponian they were looking for, but they get so caught up in making Prom Night special that they forget they were looking for a Cliponian.
    • In his own... let's say special way, Dandy proving Freckles is beautiful in her own way... by pointing out she has a rockin' booty.
    • During graduation at the end of the episode, Freckles tells Dandy she has a gift for him. She kisses his cheek, Dandy himself taken aback by the gesture. Not to mention that that we're told a Cliponian's head flower sprouts when they fall in love, and Freckles flower sprouts as she watches Dandy and his crew fly away.
  • "The universe has a buttload of centers. And I think they all deserve to be voted queen!"

Episode 18: The Big Fish is Huge, Baby
  • Dandy bonding with Erssime. Once again, his soft spot for kids shines through, and it's adorable. He even lets her sit in his lap while they're hanging around the fire.

Episode 19: Gallant Space Gentlemen, Baby
  • Dandy going to the Cloudian when he hears about that tidbit about them being romance and ditch. He even came back for Scarlet and Meow to save them from the exploding ship.

Episode 21: A World with no Sadness, Baby
  • Poe helping Dandy out of love despite the damage it will do to Planet Limbo, I.E. her real body.
  • Dandy reuniting with Poe some time in the future, and in a wedding tuxedo no less!

Episode 22: We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby
  • Dr. Gel doing his best to cheer up Bea, who's depressed about all the times they've died. The good doctor may be a lousy nemesis, but he's a pretty good boss.

Episode 23: Lovers are Trendy, Baby
  • The majority of the episode is peppered with Dandy and Scarlet having cute little moments together.
    • It's immediately followed by Dandy being his sleazy self, but when Scarlet walks up to Dandy in her one-piece swimsuit, does Dandy comment on her breasts, hips, legs, or ass? No.
      Dandy: "I like your hair down like that. It looks... really good."
      • It's worth noting that after Dandy says this, Scarlet keeps her hair down even after they leave the beach on their subsequent dates, only putting it back up after the termination of their contract. But not before she goes to the bar to wait for Dandy one last time.
    • Dandy and Scarlet finding out they have similar movie tastes, and the two begin fangasming over their favorite action hero together.

Episode 24: An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby
  • The fact that Catherine meant a lot to Dandy, even after all those years.
    • Dandy decides to help her out, even though he knows that her hang-ups about him literally not being the Dandy she fell for ensure that she'll never love him like she did before.
  • Catherine decided to get together with Paul ten years ago because she couldn't stand the thought of him being lost as to how warping worked and because she knew that Dandy would be smart enough to figure it out on his own, which speaks volumes about how much confidence she had in him despite everything.

Episode 26: The Never-Ending Dandy, Baby
  • QT, Meow, Scarlet and Honey all taking the Aloha-Oe to rescue Dandy from the Gogol Empire, suicide mission be damned.
  • With the Gogol Empire's superweapon primed, Dandy prepares to take Gel's ship and destroy it, and it's likely to be a one-way trip. When his friends protest, Dandy tells them that he doesn't want them having to risk their lives for him again, before taking off.
  • Dr. Gel saying that he will be honored if Dandy pilots his ship in order to save the universe, that's very sweet considering how long he wanted to capture Dandy in the past, plus with the powerful music in the background.
  • The first thing Dandy asks QT when he briefly remembers that he's in a new universe is "You are still you, right?"