Fridge / Smokey and the Bandit

Fridge Brilliance
  • For some time, I wondered how the film was regarded so well despite the Bandit being a Boring Invincible Hero. Everything Buford throws at him is easily handled. Then it hit me. Buford is not the real villain. The real villain is Big Enos and his time limit. Buford is just a nuisance.

Fridge Horror
  • How long was Charlotte crated up and left in a dark warehouse in Florida? And pregnant, no less. The guard didn't seem to know what was in crate 1444, did she get food and water?

Fridge Logic
  • How did Bandit get personalized plates so quickly?
    • His contact in the Irish Republican Army set him up with personalized plates attached to a rotating series of fake social security numbers in exchange for a snow globe from Savannah, Georgia. Oh, wait... I guess that's WMG... he probably just had them and keeps switching them from car to car.