YMMV / Smokey and the Bandit

  • Ear Worm: Oh Lord, the Theme Tune. It has banjos.
  • First Installment Wins
  • Ham and Cheese: Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice.
  • Ho Yay: Possibly from Buford to Bandit in their first encounter in Part II.
    Buford: Hello, you handsome sumbitch.
    Buford: If you make one move, I'll put a hole right between those gorgeous brown eyes.
  • Moment of Awesome: When a Georgia Highway patrolman tries to throw his weight around against Buford, Sheriff Justice puts him in his place. Hard. The patrolman is cowed at once.
  • Sequelitis: The third film. Some reviewers even felt this way towards the second film due to It's the Same, Now It Sucks.
    • It could be argued pretty well that Parts 2 and 3 fight for a distant second place while the first movie enjoys an undisputed first place.