Fridge / Small Soldiers

Fridge Horror
  • Think about it. This town can't have been the only place the toys got shipped too. What happened everywhere else!?
    • Answered in movie, Original-Chip got reinforcement from the mall the rest were shipped to, the implication being that only Original-Chip was activated early. The Rest were probably recalled.
      • It's actually a good thing the original toys got found out on this small scale before they were shipped out - especially if they can bust out of their own cases.
    • The climax of the movie involves an electromagnetic pulse that we see cover the entire neighborhood. In a previous scene, we see an elderly couple turn the volume up on their TV to drown out all the noise outside. What if one of them had a pacemaker or other electronic device as a necessity?
  • "The X-1000 is a masterpiece. Imagine a microchip sophisticated enough to control the guiding systems of ballistic missiles. Imagine it can be used to instantly upgrade any system that its plug into like a smart drug for machines. Then imagine it can learn." The MacGuffin of the story that enables the AI of the toys. It is a control chip for ballistic missiles. Now, imagine there are sentient ballistic nuclear missiles out there. Let's hope sentience also gives them the need for self-preservation. Hell - just imagine what the chip could do implanted in to any electrical device around you.
  • In the climax Chip Hazard hijacks Joe's truck and activates all the Commando Elite toys he is carrying. If Joe was also carrying any Gorgonite toys (likely), then the Commando Elite probably butchered all of them before the climatic battle at the end. Also, since there no other Chip Hazard toys in the climax, it is possible that Hazard either merely didn't activate them, but it is also possible that he killed them as well to maintain the chain of command.
Fridge Logic
  • While Cristy was attacking the Gwendy dolls, she stated how much she hated them. But then, why did she collect them?
    • They may have been gifts. Ever asked Grandma to just give you some money this year, and still gotten a giant sweater?
Fridge Brilliance
  • When the Commandos are interrogating him, Archer merely says his name and his rank. He was invoking Geneva Convention.
    • It must be something he learned while looking through Alan's computer.
  • When Larry is searching the computer for processor chips, he needs a lot so he adds 'surplus' to the search terms because he needs a lot of them. Given he is searching weapons manufacturer database, of course he ended up with rejected military hardware with that criteria.
  • Why are the Gorgonites made passive explorers when they're supposed to be the enemies of the hard-charging Commando Elite? Larry, the creator of the Commando, clearly doesn't care too much about creativity and originality judging by the design of the Commando.
  • The comercials made the Commando Elite out to be the good guys, when in fact they're unjustly attacking peaceful alien explorers. They're propaganda shorts.