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Funny: Small Soldiers
  • Phil Fimple: "I think World War II is my favorite war."
  • Alan, on the phone with tech support: "I'm not a ma'am!"
  • Irwin, when he discovers what chips were used to make the Commando Elite and Gorgonites: "You put munitions chips in toys!?"
  • Stuart: "What are you packin', tiny?" Commando: "Packin'? Packin' you! *fires net*"
  • This
    Chip Hazard: You....Maggot! An officer and a gentleman does not strike a lady!
    Boyfriend: What?
    (Boyfriend gets hit by flamethrower)
  • When Kristy starts smashing up the Gwendy dolls with a brilliant expression of sadistic glee on her face.
    Doll: Run! She's got a baton! It's a baton death march! She's gone postal!
    Kristy smashes
    Kristy: I've ALWAYS hated these things!
  • The Commandos decide to play a song for psychological warfare. The song? "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls. While it's playing Marianne (still a little doped up from the sleeping pills) says "Phil, I love this song!" and we see an angry neighbour screaming from her window "Fimble, turn that off!"
  • Greetings, Alannowshutup.
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