Headscratchers / Small Soldiers

  • Freakenstein (can't spell his actual name) gets ripped apart by the Commando Elite. Brick Bazooka has his lower half torn off. Both are repaired, Bazooka to full functionality. Why, then, does Nick Nitro "die" (for lack of a better word) when his legs are shredded? Freakenstein had to have been more damaged than him, they couldn't even give him both arms!
    • The damage sustained by Brick and Freakenstein left their circuits 'open', and essentially harmless outside of the damaged systems. The mangling Nick got probably shorted out his circuitry instead, permanently ruining him.
  • What happened to the other Major Chip Hazards that should logically have been in that truck?
    • Hazard wants to keep the chain of command in-tact and not share authority; if nothing else, it is more efficient that way. And There Can Be Only One.
    • This also leads to some Fridge Horror - after all, what happened to any Gorgonites in that truck?
      • Or worse; All those weapons they show up with were initially just toys. Where would they have found a source of military grade parts to "upgrade" them?
  • How did nobody manage to realise during the development of the toys that they were dangerous? Yes I know the CEO forced them to rush it so they said there wouldn't be time for testing, but they must have done some testing just to make sure they worked.
    • It probably wasn't extensive testing. They probably did little more than test the voice activation and articulation before turning them off and pushing production. Most of the issues were from long term activation. It's kind of like testing a device for functionality but not thinking to test for continuous or repetitive use.
    • This is explained in the movie. Bill Mars' assistant tells Larry and Irwin that he wants the Gorgonite and Commando Elite toylines ready for sale in three months, and Irwin tries tell her that it takes six months in part because of product testing, but Larry assures her that three months is fine. In other words, production was rushed and corners were cut as a result.
  • So let's say that the Commando Elite actually succeeded in destroying the Gorgonites. What would happen next? Since that's what they're programmed to do, would they simply shut down or would they remain sentient and start looking for other Gorgonite toys to fight?
    • Same for the Gorgonites themselves. We are to assume that they reach Gorgon, so do they just "live" in the forest forever? I know that this involves thinking far more about this movie than anyone should but it's just a weird little quirk bugging this troper.
    • They are capable of learning, so they would recognize there mission is done and figure out what the next logical step is, for the Gorgonites its to live in there new home, for the Commandos it would be to continue to "protect" humanity, likely attempting to destroy some new "alien threat" so pretty much any non human looking toys
  • What is the actual reason for the Commando Elite to be fighting the Gorgonites? Other then Fantastic Racism, we're never given a motivation. Considering the Gorgonites are programmed to be meek and only searching for their homeland of Gorgon, what exactly caused this "war" to happen, lore wise? Did the Gorgonite Ship crash and kill all of the Commando's families?
  • Why does Kristy keep and collect Gwendy dolls if she always hated them?
    • I thought it was said by her brother "they buy you those stupid Gwendy dolls". So her parents keep buying them and she's too polite to say she doesn't like them.
  • If the Gorgonites were intended to be non-violent and educational, why do some of them have violent names like Punch-It and Slamfist?