Fridge / Sin City

Fridge Brilliance

  • An Irish mercenary shoots Dwight with a Steyr AUG. Due to its issue as the Irish Defence Force's main service rifle, it's a firearm an Irishman would be familiar with.

Fridge Horror

  • Marv is Nancy's guardian angel. When she leaves with Hartigan, Marv starts to drown his sorrows and ends up killing a bunch of punks who were burning winos, and when she tells him Roark slashed her face, he helps kill him and his guards. What would he have done if Junior had managed to kill Nancy and Hartigan?
  • When Wallace infiltrates the factory where the Wallenquist organization keeps their "Human Resources", he discovers a nursery. How did all the babies get there? You can't just walk out of a hospital with a baby without clearance, and abducting the babies from couples would draw attention and resistance. Either they have a deal with some couples, or those babies are the children of the women kept naked and drugged out of their minds in cages and men allowed near them.