Fridge / Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Fridge Logic

  • Kris and Jessica's wedding consisted of them putting their wedding gifts under a pine tree and looking up at the stars, while the Winter Warlock prays for a little magic to make the trees glow. The narrator even notes that "Since no church would have them, they stood before the Lord in a grove of pine trees." So technically...they're not legally married?!
    • Add to that, their wedding night was Christmas Eve. Which means that Kris leaves Jessica alone on their anniversary every year!
    • Yes, they aren't legally married. However they are sacramentally married.
    • Besides, for all we know common law marriage was legal in "the northern country" at the time. Historically, sacramental and common law were the only sorts of marriage there were; marriage as a specific, secular institution is a very new thing.
  • Topper the penguin. Even setting aside the fact that he's somehow wandered near the North Pole while searching for the South, why is he the only animal in the show that wears a scarf?
    • Speaking of Topper, let's not get into the fact that 'topper' is a weird word for Kris to mutter and then select for a name. But when he's trying to find out why the penguin is where he is, Topper bounces around in a way that indicates he's looking for something. What prompts Kris to immediately discern that he's looking for a word which is synonymous with 'stick'?
  • If the Kringles were the toymakers to the King of whatever country this is (I'm assuming ancient Germany), how does a Burgermeister, a small-time local lord, go over his head in declaring the Kringles enemies of the state? This bugged me even as a little kid. King > Mayor.
    • Maybe Burgermeister was a revolutionary that usurped him. That would explain the guy looking like the king without Only Six Faces: The Burgermeister forced him to be an offical.
      • This was always my interpretation to it too: The King had recently been killed in a revolution where the Burgermeister made himself Dictator of the town. The Kringles had abandoned the town for the woods during the revolution, and survived because of it (Going the long way, not through the Winter Warlocks Domain). In fact, Kris might be related to the original King in some way.
    • I always thought, just maybe, that while a mortal earthly King is shown, that perhaps the Kringles were somehow toymakers to the King Of Kings when he was a child. But that being too overtly religious for network TV (which cringed at Linus's speech in Charlie Brown) they reduced it to being an unnamed, vaguely-defined King. That, or the King was Charlemagne, ruler over vast parts of Europe, but whom after his death, left his regions breaking up further and further until local bullies like the Burgermeister ruled, and some of them did openly spurn learning and culture.
    • Tanta seems to speak of their greatness in the past tense. I'd guess that they were the king's toymakers once, but maybe the king died and his successor, whoever that was, had no need for them, forcing them into obscurity.
    • Maybe Sombertown is technically in a different country or had since become independent; it being in the same nation was only slightly implied, and the toy soldiers look like the same time period but different designs to the Burgermeister's own troops.
  • Kris is trapped in a dungeon. Kris needs to escape the dungeon. The solution? Feed reindeer corn that makes them fly! How does a flying reindeer help him out of a dungeon?!
    • Maybe it has a skylight that is unseen.
    • Kris could probably get out of the jail itself easily. But then, where to go? The town is loaded with soldiers, his friends are not all as sharp and fast as he, and the people are cowed for the moment. He needed to get out of town and well away from it as fast as—a flying reindeer.
  • Toys are supposed to be illegal in this town, to the extent that any family caught with one will be arrested, correct? If that's true, why do the kids take the toys Kris gives them OUTSIDE to play with them?! They, or their parents, know that the Burgermeister frequently goes outside! Wouldn't it make more sense to hide the toys in the house and tell the kids to play with them quietly in their rooms so they WON'T get caught?
    • This occurred to me as well, but then, these are little kids. You wouldn't expect them never to go outside to play. Besides, their environment doesn't encourage normal childhood behavior, so maybe they were so excited just to have toys and get to play.
  • The guards of Sombertown arrested the elves and Winter for helping Kris, and yet they didn't arrest Jessica, who was standing right there and had helped Kris as well. Why?
    • The only thing I can figure is that at that point, they were just using the 'helping Kris' motive as the excuse for arresting the elves and Winter. The real reason the guards arrested all of them was because Kris cared about them and they wanted to keep him in line; they were also the ones who were most likely to try to help him escape from prison. Maybe they hadn't yet worked out that Jessica had also become important to Kris.

Fridge Brilliance
  • When Kris says that "turning from bad to good is as easy as taking your first steps," this sounds very idealistic, if not downright naïve. But learning to walk also involves falling on your face a lot.
  • It's strongly implied that Meisterburger's bloodline ended with his death. Given the fact that he hates children and doesn't appear to be married, it would certainly make sense that he'd have no one to inherit his position.

Fridge Horror
  • Toys play a vital part in brain development. To make matters worse, Meisterburger's definition of toys includes anything that brings children happiness, such as musical instruments, ballet shoes, and balls. If Kris never interfered, Sombertown would have an entire generation of people with severe developmental disabilities.