Awesome / Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

  • Kris' first escape from the Burgermeister's men, where he shows the advantage of growing up with animals for friends;
    Meisterburger: "Oh, look! He climbs like a squirrel, leaps like a deer, and is slippery as a seal!"
  • The escape from the dungeon.
  • So the Winter Warlock has kidnapped Kris and is about to do dish out real punishment. What does Kris do? Does he fight back? Outsmart the Warlock? None of the above, he instead decides to give the Warlock a choo choo train, the one toy he always wanted. Also, doubles as a Moment of Heartwarming since Kris used natural kindness to get out of a situation.
  • The title song played during the end credits, counts as Awesome Music, at least partly because there is no other version of the song that truly matches the one sung by the legendary Fred Astaire.