Heartwarming: Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

  • Kris saying goodbye to his adoptive mother. She starts crying.
  • S.D. Kluger's wonderful speech at the end about the true lesson of Santa Claus. You can see it for yourself in the middle of this clip:
    Poor, misguided folks. They missed the whole point! "Lots of unhappiness"? Maybe so, but doesn't Santa take a little bit of that unhappiness away? Doesn't a smile on Christmas morning scratch out a tear cried on a Saturday? Not much, maybe, but what would happen if we all tried to be like Santa, and learned to give as only he can give. Of ourselves, our talents, our love, and our hearts. Maybe if we could all learn Santa's beautiful lesson, maybe there would finally be "Peace on Earth, and goodwill toward man."
  • Kris and Jessica's wedding. The real icing on the cake, is the song that accompanies this scene, "What Better Way to Tell You" aka "Wedding Song", sung beautifully by Fred Astaire, with backing from the Westminister Children's Choir.
  • So the Winter Warlock has kidnapped Kris and is about to do dish out real punishment. What does Kris do? Does he fight back? Outsmart the Warlock? Neither, he instead decides to give the Warlock a choo-choo train, the one toy he always wanted. Also, doubles as a Moment of Awesome since Kris used natural kindness to get out of a situation.
  • Another Warlock moment is when they escape Burgermeister's prison. During the imprisonment Winter has truly believed he has no more power in him and is a failure. However, his magic corn that he had on him managed to be the very thing that saved them. As they all escape, he lets out a hearty cheer claiming he isn't a loser after all.
  • Winter praying for "just a little magic" at the wedding and making all of the trees light up.
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