Fridge / Maid RPG

Fridge Horror
  • You roll for the colors of your maid's uniform, hair, and eye colors all on the same table. This is perfectly normal, except that one of the options is "Transparent." If you can't wrap your brain around the idea of transparent eyes, consider yourself lucky.
    • Be comforted: The color you roll is for the iris only, and a transparent iris would mean you'd see the blood cells in the eye. So transparent means "shifty red" here.
      • Somehow, being a bald, naked maid with "just" creepy red eyes is not comforting.
      • Transparent hair wouldn't necessarily mean "bald"—this troper imagines the hair as looking like really fine strands of clear glass, if that makes sense. (Basically, you can see that the maid still has hair, but you can see her scalp through it, and presumably it would shine like glass when the light hits it at the right angle. For an android or cyborg maid, this actually might create a really interesting effect, come to think of it...)
      • Or, for example, it could be like a polar bear. They have clear fur, but when it's as bunched together as it is it looks like a strange off-white.
    • Though wasn't the transparent option listed as "transparent/rainbow"? So if transparent doesn't make sense, you use rainbow colour, and I dunno about you, but I find rainbow eyes very Moe.