Fridge / Linkin Park

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • In "Jornado del Muerto", Mike is singing in Japanese. Okay then, what's the significance in that? Well, remember what Oppenheimer's "A Thousand Suns" quote was referring to and where it was first dropped.
      • It says 持ち上げて、解き放して by the way. The translation appears near the end of the album, on The Catalyst: Lift me up, let me go.
    • "Valentine's Day" at first seems like a rather pathetic, emo break-up song; the lyrics work in context with a break-up. Now, apply those same lyrics to a funeral. They fit even better.
      • With a line like "And the ground below grew colder / As they put you down inside", it's pretty safe to say it's about a funeral.
    • Their first album has a 2.5 minute song with scratching on it. It's called "Cure for the itch". What do you when you have an itch? That's right; you scratch it.