Tear Jerker / Linkin Park

This nu-metal band has some pretty sad songs.
  • "Hands Held High" can pump one up, yet make one feel bad.
  • In more or less the same vein, the video for "Shadow of the Day".
  • "The Little Things Give You Away" is another one.
  • And then there's "My December" and "Leave Out All the Rest". Especially the latter:
    When my time comes,
    Forget the wrong that I've done,
    Help me leave behind some,
    Reasons to be missed,
    Don't resent me,
    And when you're feeling empty,
    Keep me in your memory,
    Leave out all the rest...
  • "Breaking the Habit" was written by Mike Shinoda before he met Chester Bennington, about a close friend of his and his struggles with drugs.
  • "The Messenger" and "Iridescent" are a couple more.
  • "Numb" (especially with the video) and "In Between".
  • "Robot Boy" is pretty sad too.
  • "Krwlng", "With You" (and "Wth>You"), and "P5hng Me A*wy" are more sad ones.
    Even the people who never frown eventually break down.
  • "Somewhere I Belong."
  • "Burning in the Skies." I'm swimming in the smoke, of bridges I have burned...
    • The music video, which depicts the ordinary lives of people just before a nuclear bomb hits isn't exactly uplifting.
  • "In The End", too.
  • "Roads Untravelled" can definitely bring back some memories. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • "Not Alone."
  • "Blackbirds".
  • "Waiting For the End." A song that profusely apologizes for any bad blood caused by what is presumably an outburst from the singer, pleading for the listener to move on.
  • "Debris," from the LPU 12 CD. May double, as with "Roads Untravelled," as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • "In My Remains".
  • The music video of "Castle of Glass" opens with a boy being informed that his father died at war.
    • The video ends with that same boy, now a man, giving a young girl the exact same news.
  • "The Catalyst". God save us everyone, will we burn inside the fires of A Thousand Suns..
  • "Until It's Gone," "Drawbar," "Final Masquerade," and (though rather YMMV, and this applies only to the quiet, subdued sections of the song at the beginning and end of the song, respectively, in which Mike is singing) "A Line in the Sand," all of which from The Hunting Party.
  • “Powerless” from ‘Living Things’ certainly applies for this, describing someone desperate to help a loved one, but instead stuck with nothing that can be done.
    And you held it all
    But you were careless to let it fall
    You held it all
    And I was by your side
  • The title track to "One More Light," especially in light of Chris Cornell's death and especially especially in light of Chester Bennington's suicide.
    Who cares if one more light goes out?
    In a sky of a million stars, it flickers, flickers
    Who cares when someone's time runs out?
    If a moment is all we are or quicker, quicker
    Who cares if one more light goes out?
    Well, I do.
  • And for the finale, "Valentine's Day."
  • The song/video for "Heavy" shows how much Chester was destroyed inside from depression before his passing. Many fans could relate to his pain from this song especially though we could never have predicted how deeply he felt that pain and how it wasn't just an angry guy song. It was a warning/cry for help from a seriously hurting man. The lyrics almost read like the suicide note he never left.
    • "Holding Onto Children", a mashup with the 1995 trance song "Children" by Robert Miles (who himself died of cancer two months before Bennington's suicide), makes one feel especially sorry for the kids Bennington left behind.
  • "Sharp Edges," a child is told by his future self to try and lead a better life than he will.
    Put your nose in paperbacks
    Instead of smoking cigarettes
    These are years you're never getting back
  • "Talking To Myself" is a song of how someone wants to help a loved one but knows how futile is it since the said loved one keeps rejecting their help.
    • It can also be a Fridge Tearjerker in light of Chester's death since Mike and Brad are two of the co-writers of the song.
      • Specifically according to Chester Bennington himself its a song written about Chester and his battle with depression
  • And finally, the music video for "One More Light", which consists of clips of Chester being himself: a nice, loving, and kind singer mixed in with footage of him singing the song with the band during a live performance, all while the fans are surrounding him (something he'd always do) surrounded by glowing lights by them. And then the final slate by the band.
    Chester, You ignited a flame of passion, laughter, and courage in our hearts. We will miss you, brother.
    - Joe, Mike, Brad, Dave, and Rob.
    • Add to the fact the video ends with the hexagon LP logo, which now is missing a side, representing Chester's absence. That logo is now their Youtube logo.
  • The Linkin Park and Friends - Celebrate Life in the Honor of Chester Bennington memorial show. Dear god where to start?
    • The first full song performed? "Numb"... but with it playing as an instrumental with a lone microphone, with the audience singing it instead.
    • Mike giving a small speech before singing "Shadow of the Day" with Ryan Key of Yellowcard, he visibly struggles to say the words "when Chester passed".
    • Mike performing "One More Light", and obviously struggling to not cry.
      • Him performing "One More Light"? How about "Looking for an Answer", Mike's new song he wrote while dealing with Chester's death.
    • blink-182 actually performing "I Miss You", fitting.
    • The band even performed archival footage of Chester performing "New Divide", and everyone was in tears at that point.
  • Mike's EP Post Traumatic is depressing, with all three songs focusing on his pain and sadness over losing Chester, "Over Again" especially discussing how he Never Got to Say Goodbye to Chester, his frustrations about people asking him about the future of the band and the fact he still hasn't gotten closure on Chester's death.
    We say goodbye once, over and over and over again...