YMMV / Linkin Park

Opinions on the band range from "original, creative, and awesome enough to be their own genre" to "insufferably emo."
  • And You Thought It Would Fail: Many fans' reactions to Reanimation, due to the fact that it was a huge risk to have a remix album after only the second studio album. However, to this day it is popular with the fanbase.
    • "Nobody's Listening" is a Take That! to people who thought this of the band in general.
  • Awesome Music: Almost every single they've released.
  • Broken Base: The band has, so far, the most divisive fan base in the music industry, to wit: the devout fans who stuck with them through all six studio albums, those who hail Hybrid Theory and/or Meteora (and sometimes The Hunting Party) more than the the last three studio albums, and the post-Meteora die hard fans.
    • The single "Heavy" broke the base pretty hard on release.
  • Dead Horse Genre: Nu Metal, which was later tossed overboard to rid themselves of the title. At least, until The Hunting Party.
    • Minutes To Midnight features some songs that capitalize on the popularity of Alternative Rock and Emo as well, as those genres were losing popularity. This is why it led to a lot of fans leaving.
  • Ear Worm: Pick a song.
  • Epic Riff: "One Step Closer", "Faint", and the distinctive piano notes of "In the End".
  • Face of the Band: Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, and...?
    • Brad Delson gets some recognition, if only for the Funny Afro, and Mr. Hahn is well known, or at least he was during their early years. Rob Bourdon and Dave "Phoenix" Farrell however? Not so much.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Many Deftones fans are resentful towards Linkin Park for allegedly copying the band's sound. The Deftones are indeed a major influence on the band, although many Linkin Park fans enjoy the Deftones, and the two bands have gone on tour together many times.
  • Funny Moments: The infamous EP LINKIN PARK Underground Vol.8.0 - MMM... COOKIES - Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America!. Also this one.
    • An episode for their album has one where the band is reading Youtube comments. "When I first heard this song, I thought it was utter crap. I was so disappointed. Then I realized my headphones weren't all the way in."
    • "Nobody's Listening" is a song about writer's block.
    I hate my rhymes/I hate everyone else's more.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The Xero demo "Reading My Eyes" features Mike rapping that he is "The microphone molester". A couple of years later, Chester Bennington would join the band, and had been tormented by people at school calling him "Chester the molester" (not helped by the fact he actually was molested for six years as a child). One can imagine him wincing when hearing the lyrics to Reading My Eyes, and it's a small wonder why it wasn't rerecorded by Linkin Park until they did it live in 2006 from fan requests.
    • Despite this Chester wore a "Chester the Molester" shirt in the early touring years.
  • Gateway Series: Let's just say more than a few metalheads were introduced to hard rock/metal through this band. Whether or not they admit it is another story. And if you're young enough and have not heard any of the Beastie Boys, Linkin Park could have also been a gateway to the "eccentric" Alternative Rock scene with bands like U2 and The Cure, due to their experimenting with electronic and Hip-Hop elements.
  • Growing the Beard: A Thousand Suns, to the side of the base that doesn't hate it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "One Step Closer" and "Numb", two of Linkin Park's most well-known songs, share the same names with two lesser-known U2 songs. Now, what was one of the complaints about "Shadow of the Day"? The fact that U2's "One Step Closer" came out four years after LP's song doesn't make this any less funny.
    • Mike's side project is most known for "Remember the Name", though most people couldn't tell who performs it if they heard it. Also hilarious is that Fort Minor's actual big hit was "Where'd You Go?", which has gone out of people's memories whereas "Remember the Name" is the song that is "remembered" today.
    • After Idina Menzel's "Let It Go" in Frozen made a much bigger impression on pop culture than "Iridescent", the repetition of the lyrics "Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?" and "Let it go" are hilarious to listen to.
  • Internet Backdraft: Go ahead, try telling a metalhead that Linkin Park is metal.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Many of the responses from fans towards Meteora, as well as Reanimation due the mere nature of a remix album (especially one so early in the band's career).
  • Love It or Hate It: A Thousand Suns. Boy howdy. Some see it as the band's Growing the Beard moment, showing that they're actually capable artists with a glowing future from this point on, comparing it to Kid A and praising it as the best album they've ever made. Also similarly to Kid A, the rest see it as a failed attempt to be "artful", or at least that their ventures into other styles all fell on their faces, rendering nothing able to truly stand out.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Linkin Park wrote "Crawling" about Chester's genuine struggles with abuse as a child, and "Papercut" about someone struggling with meth addiction, but they were widely adopted by teenagers as songs to express their frustration at their parents for petty reasons. "One Step Closer" was not serious either; the lyrics were just them taking out their frustrations at the producer for making them do endless retakes of "Runaway" because they couldn't make the arrangement work. The band were so conscious of the audience they were attracting that they moved away from the nu-metal genre and started writing lyrics about other things.
    • They later wrote "Valentine's Day". Guess what it's not about? Though stumpingly seen as an emo teen break-up song for some reason, it's actually about a funeral.
    And the ground below grew colder
    As they put you down inside
  • Misattributed Song:
    • Can't find info on a certain song? Make sure it's not by Fort Minor, Grey Daze, Dead By Sunrise, or Tribal Ink (or Kansas of all things)
    • Also, that's not Shinoda rapping on Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life". That's Paul McCoy of 12 Stones.
  • Narm Charm: Some fans seem to love hearing Chester scream his arse off.
  • Never Live It Down: Again, despite their shift in style, Linkin Park still gets linked to their Misaimed Fandom.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Now has its own page.
  • Painful Rhyme: Mike actually had the gall to rhyme "monkey" with "funky" on "When They Come for Me".
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: The band's signature combination of Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, various Electronic Music subgenres and Pop sensibility was fairly original for its time; nowadays, thanks to all the imitators, they're often accused of having copied their signature sound from some other band.
    • They caught onto this pretty quickly and wanted to do a stylistic overhaul right after Hybrid Theory, but Executive Meddling kept them from doing so until Minutes To Midnight.
  • Signature Song: "In The End", primarily. "Crawling" and "Numb" are also contenders. After changing styles, "What I've Done", "New Divide", and "Burn It Down" fit this.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "Shadow of the Day" sounds quite similar to "With or Without You". Likewise, the intro to "What I've Done" and the Halloween theme.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: What most of the fanbase's reaction to Minutes to Midnight amount to. It became more and more divisive with the folowing two albums, until the release of The Hunting Party.
    • Some reactions to Reanimation as well during its initial release, being a remix compilation rather than the Hybrid Theory sequel they were hoping for.
  • Vindicated by History: Meteora was seen as a cheap rehash of Hybrid Theory when it came out, but when the band changed their style, more fans warmed up to it. Especially since they noticed that the album did try different things, like a heavier style and greater focus on electronics.
    • Each New Sound Album tends to get this once the hoopla over the different musical style dies down. A Thousand Suns, once considered by some as one of their worst albums, is now acknowledged as having some of their best songs.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: A lot of their music videos (beginning with In The End) tend to use extensive amounts of CG.
  • Wangst: "Crawling" is a pretty good example to some, even though it's about genuine pain. Ditto with "Numb".
  • Win Back the Crowd: Many fans who weren't too fond of the post-Metora albums were won back with The Hunting Party.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Anybody else thinks it's a little strange to hear Chester on the same song as G-Unit's Young Buck?
  • The Woobie: Dave "Phoenix" Farrell.
    Phoenix: The first time LP went to Japan a fan handed me a letter at a meet and greet. The envelope was addressed "Dear Mike, Joe, Chester, Brad, Rob, and bass player man".
    • Mike pokes fun at Phoenix and his Twittering on his blog. He even made a banner that says "Blogging Totally Pwns Twittering" for fans of his blog to post on their websites in a response to one of Phoenix's Twitter posts.