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Fridge: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
Fridge Logic
  • In Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, there are two logic gaps in regards to Daizyujin and Burai.
    • Why the hell didn't Daizyujin ask for Burai's life force to be fully restored? It would have guaranteed him enough time to serve his purpose and kept the Zyurangers stronger so that they could do their duty better. It's never explained why, so it just comes off as Daizyujin being a dick.
      • Pretty sure it has to do with Burai's mindset at the time (His sole purpose for going into suspended animation was to follow Geki and eventually kill him). Daizyujin didn't foresee a change of heart, so he made a calculated risk which in the end paid off (Not so much for Geki).
    • Since Daizyujin needs Burai so badly (at least until his ability to combine with Dragon Caesar and King Brachion is restored), it makes no sense at all that initially he is adamant that Geki kill Burai. Especially since "Burai Dies" establishes that Burai can't be revived again. There are also some plotholes regarding some of the episodes after Burai joins the team. Mei is targeted for incapacitation by Bandora on a number of occasions, to prevent her from calling Pteranodon to form Daizyujin. This was done to shill Gouryuujin (who doesn't require Pteranodon).
  • However, Fridge Logic hits when you consider a few things.
    • The Guardian Beasts, and occasionally Daizyujin as a combined whole, have demonstrated the ability to appear without being called, including an occasion where Pteranodon appeared on its own to bail out Mei.
    • Why doesn't Bandora try targeting Dan, Goushi, or Boi? Their guardian beasts are necessary for both formations. Also, the 5 main Guardian beasts have demonstrated the ability to not only appear on their own but fight autonomously, making one wonder why they need the Rangers to pilot them.
      • The answer: Bandora aimed Mei not for the prevention of Guardian Beast formation. As shown, the Risha Tribe has a lot of unique traits that proved disastrous for Bandora in the past, like in Episode 13, it was because of Mei's absence that the Zyurangers were losing even without calling Daizyujin. Likewise, in the 26th episode, there ARE some Dora Monsters that not even Daizyujin + Dragon Caesar can defeat, but Mei ends up being its Weaksauce Weakness. So the times Bandora aimed Mei was because to cover for that Weaksauce Weakness.

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