Headscratchers: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

  • How are the Zyurangers Fishes Out Of Temporal Water? They only fit in about 'People from the past coming to the future'. But compared to the Flashmen, they seem to adapt better (the Flashmen even had to wonder what the hell balloon is, while Dan even knows what the hell is a manga by the second episode)... I mean, what the hell is this plot hole?
    • Considering Daizyujin is pretty much God as well as being the Zyuranger's main mecha in this universe, I would imagine that he probably put the knowledge of the present world into the Zyuranger's heads.
  • According to the manuals, each Zyuranger weapons have a special attack or sorts. Does the Zyurangers ever use them? What do they look like?
    • The Moth Breaker could turn into a blaster (probably the one that was most frequently used), Ryuguugekiken could fire beams (Ironically, I think Burai used this more then Geki did, and Burai only yeilded the sword once!), and of course the Zyusouken could also fire energy blast. The other 3, I honestly have no idea.