Fridge / Karin

Fridge Horror: Since Karin injects her own blood rather than sucking from the person she bites, what would happen if her blood type wasn't compatible with the person receiving the transfusion?
  • They specifically make it clear that vampires don't have blood types, so it wouldn't hurt anyone.

Fridge Logic:
  • At the end of the manga, even with Karin's memory wiped, she is still physically a vampire and different from a human, which would be discovered during her pregnancy, if not before…
    • Jossed. It is said that Karin has become a full human, which would imply the vampire parts in her are no more as she no longer produces blood from that day... Well, aside from how a normal human girl would.
    • Also, all it would take is any one of her friends asking her " How's your family doing?" for her to suspect something.
      • Not really. Nobody, or almost nobody, ever saw her family; they knew she had them because she said so and the teachers talked with them, but that's it, and Anju removed the memory of herself from others' minds with her own hands once she started growing up. Now that she doesn't remember anything about them, Kenta is free to spin any lie about them he wants; for example, he can just say that they were dead for really long but she behaved as if they were alive because of trauma.