Tear Jerker / Karin

  • Elda faces this in both the anime and manga. In the anime she was forced to drain her lover blood in order to gain strength to escape from with human with him temporary forgot their love for a moment as the result and stabbed her while in the manga she is too late at reviving James from his sleep and he dies as the result.
  • Carrera's father lost his will to live after her mother Cecilia passed away and staved himself to death rather than live on in the world without her.
  • The end of the manga. Not only does Karin's older brother Ren wipe all her memories of her family but he does it with his last and only sign of brotherly affection. A pat on the head, because 'you don't like it when I'm rough, do you?' And we learn that all those times he gave her noogies were to help the memory wiping process and her family was planning this from the start because she wasn't a normal vampire and they wanted her to have a normal life in the end. Which they could never give her. And then, on top of that, we get the most bittersweet moment when Usui Kenta asks Karin if she remembers her family and she replies 'I don't have a family' while crying without knowing why, making Kenta cry as well—and then, he finally proposes making it wonderful and painful at the same time.
  • Anju awakening as a vampire, leaving her life with Karin behind. The poor girl breaks down into tears after hearing an Innocently Insensitive "congratulations" from Karin, and she cries for the rest of the night.