Fridge: I Love You Phillip Morris

Fridge Horror
  • I Love You Phillip Morris is a sweet story about a conman's wacky escapades of tricking the system to be with and make a comfortable life for the man he loves passionately. Then you think about what the story would actually be like from Phillip's point of view. You know, the man who went from previously bad relationships into a serious one with a man that pretty much lied with every word said, and who seemed to be in control of all finances and major decisions for the couple, which eventually landed the character twenty years in prison for crimes he didn't commit.
  • This is a real story. These two people are still alive. And Stephen will never see Phillip again. Unless they both manage to live to see the year 2140.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is Steven an Unreliable Narrator? Well, he is a con-man after all. Lying is what he does best.
    • Which is why it's brilliant: he Cons the audience into believing he's dying of AIDS.