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Fridge: Hellsinker
Fridge Brilliance
  • After each stage, you're given the option to quit out instead of continuing. This seems like a pointless feature at first. However, this is a game where you can lose Spirits at the end of a stage, be it from timing out a boss or doing poorly in the Shrine of Farewell. Although you can evade the time-out penalty by simply exiting the game before time runs out (your score will still save), once you enter the Shrine you will lose all of your spirits until the end of the stage, so if your next stage is the Shrine, the "exit instead of contining to the next stage" can be a blessing.

Fridge Horror
  • The Apostles of the Seed's BGM is an arrangement of Radio Zonde's stage 1-3 boss theme, Past Rising Again. Radio Zonde is often seen as a Spiritual Predecessor to this game; it also uses terms like "Sol", "Luna", and "Stella". There are two protagonists, and moreover the Apostles share similar attacks with them. Those two protagonists, could they be...?

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