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Deadliar's nickname and reputation is an allegory for Challenge Gamers.
If you've ever had friends who doesn't believe you when you say you've completed a game of high difficulty, occasionally with a remark accusing you of cheating, Deadliar's backstory will sound very familiar. He's been on so many missions, coming back from each one alive, that other Executors think he's really Dead All Along. In addition, no one knows exactly how his mind works, yet he conducts his missions with success; another situation that sounds familiar to Challenge Gamers.

The Shrine of Farewell is a Dream Sequence.
When you go to the Shrine of Farewell, your lives are set to "Unchained", or in more layman terms, you get unlimited lives. That is, the player character's deaths here do not actually affect their physical bodies—what happens here is separated, or "unchained" from reality. The post-Shrine dialogue has the player character describing that they are being awoken from unconsciousness, being brought back to the real world after having spent time knocked out and dreaming the whole thing.
  • Actually the manual states that the Executor that enters the shrine actually disappears or "blinks away" for anything between a few seconds to a few minutes. The place is also described as "A graveyard between reality and fiction", so it might not be a dream, but maybe it's a form of dream world.