Fridge / Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA

    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Why is Illya able to survive firing Excalibur when HF!Shirou couldn't? It's because unlike him, she actually has the prana reserves to use it! Their differences in magical capacity spell the difference between an effective Wave Motion Gun and a Suicide Attack. This actually fits well with Archer's own explanation in Unlimited Blade Works.
  • Why does this Illya differ so much from the character from Fate/SN? Because she is a surrogate, while Chloe/Kuro is the suppressed original. Kuro is ruthless, calculating, and a powerful mage with sexual issues regarding her siblings. Just like the little girl who summoned Berserker during fifth Grail War and controlled him flawlessly. No wonder she reacted violently when Illya called her a second-hand clone.
  • Why does Illya throw Kanshou and Bakuya at Saber Alter's Excaliblast instead of utilizing Rho Aias? Simple, the two are magic resistant. Archer demonstrates this nicely in the main series, wherein he manages to deflect Caster's Anti-Army Class A-ranked spells using the two.
  • Miyu was pretty shocked when Illya installed the archer card during the fight against Saber Alter. Why? Not just because she was surprised at what Illya did but because the abilities and fighting style Illya was using were her brother's!
  • During her battles against Illya and Shirou, Angelica starts acting surprisingly similar to Gilgamesh, such as calling Shirou "faker" and becoming angry at his projections of "her" weapons. We learn in chapter 26, that the Gilgamesh card can threaten to take over the wielder if the user doesn't have a strong enough personality.
  • Why is Kuro depicted as having pinkish hair? EMIYA!Archer's hair was originally red and went pale. Her hair is undergoing the reverse, having originally been pale like Illya's but not going reddish.
  • The three manga series/seasons of Prisma Illya each represent the three routes of the original Fate/stay night:
    • First season/series is the Fate route. Rin introduces the protagonist to the world of magic in a forceful manner, though she is morally reluctant to do so and would rather not, but circumstance force her. The conflict revolves primarily around defeating Servants/Class card, and there's a stoic-hyper capable girl to be thawed and wooed by the protagonist. In the end, the protagonist and the initial cold girl develop a strong and close relationship.
    • The second series is Unlimited Blade Works, and has less emphasis on Servants, and the conflict is mainly fuled by the rogue Archer, who has an inexplicable relationship with the protagonist. The protagonist also finds themselves in contact with a rather bipolar, two-faced magus girl who is alternately apathetic and murderous towards them. The Archer seemingly betrays them, and set out to kill the protagonist, but the protagonist manages to understand the Archer's perspective by seeing their memories. In the end, the protagonist and the bipolar magus girl perform a necessary prana exchange while naked, securing their relationship with each other. An Irish person turns out to be much more powerful than expected. Gilgamesh is the final enemy. And the final opponent is a Servant who is a dark mirror of the central figures of the route (with Illya represented by Berserker). The heroine of the previous route must then leave the world.
    • The third series is Heaven's Feel and has almost nothing to do with Servants, instead delving into the heretofore-unexplored abusive childhood of the seemingly most ordinary but slightly strange heroine, which is interrelated with the exploration of how, exactly, the Class system the protagonists have been working with so far works. Sakura shows up crazy and with dark and Eldritch powers. The side character who was circumstantially important in the previous routes but of no great significance shows up and takes center stage, revealing greater power and capability than previously shown. Someone's arm gets cut off and is used as a potent and deadly power up. Kirei and mapo tofu. A Matou gets dangerous with Assassin. The heroine of the first route gets co-opted by the enemy. The parallels go on.
    • In short, the first season is the Illya Route, the second is the Kuro Route, and the third is the Miyu route. Given the switch in protagonists, the Shiro route is planned for but will be cancelled, though the foreshadowing for it is in the other routes, but will get dummied out.
  • Shinji using the Assassin Card. Assassins have weak stats and rely on sneak attacks or generally unfair advantages. Shinji has always been portrayed as a pathetically weak magus who lacks combat ability. So, it makes sense that he gets the Assassin Card, since it matches him best out of the seven.
  • Why does the Archer card and in turn Shirou's Archer install look like Avenger from Hollow Ataraxia? The image of Avenger we saw from Hollow Ataraxia was just a modification of Shirou if he were possessed by Angra Mainyu, basically Shirou Alter! Makes sense that Archer would look like Avenger consider saber looked like Saber Alter.
  • A minor Irony, but in addition to being Illya's Foil, Kuro is also one to the FSN Shiro, from the Fate and UBW routes. She's the female to his male, the young to his old(er), the heir to a Magus tradition to his inexperienced first generation, is forwardly lustful as opposed to his prudish (H-Scenes sorta rendered non-camon by Realta Nua not withstanding) main-characterishness, actively pursuing an Illya Route as opposed to him having no Illya route, and even thier names are diametrically opposing colors. And while he starts as a relatively normal human and grows up to be Archer, she starts as Archer and tries to move towards being relatively normal.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA isn't Lighter and Softer than Fate/stay night, it just seems that way because we're seeing the story from the perspective of a girl who's been sheltered from the Magus world her entire life. Everyone else knows exactly how bloody the Nasuverse can be, and 3rei sheds the veil completely.

    Fridge Logic 
  • Given that Kuro also feels anything that Illya does, shouldn't that cause...interesting effects during the Intimate Healing?
    • Actually explored in one doujin. The results were... interesting so say the least.