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Awesome: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
  • The entire fight against Saber.
    • Especially the part where Illya uses Archer's Class Card to draw on Unlimited Blade Works and traces Excalibur!
    • It's even more awesome animated. All with EMIYA being play in the background.
    • But don't take our word for it! Watch the whole scene in it's glory here.
  • Illya utterly destroying not one but all of the Heroic Spirits qualified to be True Assassin single-handed. Yes, the schoolgirl really DID just completely dominate every single person to ever have the title of Hassan-i Sabah. By herself.
  • And then there was the finisher against Berserker: NINE. EXCALIBURS. AT ONCE!
  • The entire Cross Over with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha! Especially when Fate splits an entire building to save Nanoha!
  • Chapter 16 of 2wei, even if somewhat not as epic as it could have been: Kuro launching Crane Wing Three Realmnote  against Bazett. And a CMOA for Bazett for all but completely shrugging it off.
  • 2wei
  • Chapter 21. "Broken Illusions" is pretty much a chapter long awesome moment for the Eighth Card a crazed Gilgamesh, who shows what happens when he goes all out..
  • Chapter 22, Bazette charging the Gate of Babylon; getting stabbed multiple times including her heart; then using the pain and blood as a sacrifice to a resurrection rune to keep going and rips Gilgamesh's heart out. Gilgamesh survives, because he's hax; but for a non-Servant (or a non-Magical Girl), Bazette is an absolute BEAST. (Really, had she actually been in the 5th Grail War; they would have been in trouble.)
    • Even before that Kuro Forging and using broken Excalibur with avalon as an opening attack against Gilgamesh. It was constantly pointed out in the original time-line and other series that it would take all of Archer's abilities just to manifest it momentarily and it was beyond his scope to even attempt to twist it, and she used both noble phantasm as ammunition in a second without even taxing her. Sure, it didn't even scratch Gilgamesh because he had the "Shield of the Gods" an anti-divinity defense, but it was still the second most broken technique in the franchise.
  • 2wei chapter 26. Illya bitchslaps Gilgamesh.
    • What made this even more awesome was that she wasn't even transformed when she did it. She had already seen this massive, corrupted monster kill Bazette during the earlier fight (she got better), yet Illya charged in and stood right next to the center of the thing as an ordinary, fragile, ten-year-old girl with no defenses at all, and slapped it in the face.

  • 3rei kicks off shortly with Gilgamesh facing off against Angelica, The Ainsworth with his powers, so most of his arsenal, Not only is Gil able to put up a decent fight once he steals Enkindu back, He is able to make his opponent look like a fool for most of the fight... Then She stops fighting like he would.
  • End of chapter 4, Beatrice scoffs that This Is Reality to Illya (after she's been torturing Tanaka); which makes Illya realize that both Miyu and Tanaka had responded immediately that "people can't fly." The Crapsack World they're from has FORCED them to believe permanently that they cannot fly, ever. They cannot dream, they cannot hope. This is unacceptable. Then she transforms and announces that she's taking everyone's wings BACK.
  • An offscreen one. Miyu's brother managing to save her and launch her into another world. Meaning that he had to go against the Ainsworth all by himself, and considering that one of them is more than enough to hold off a Servant(heck the Head of the family can literally block Excalibur with one bare HAND for crying out loud!), and they all had Class Cards, He must be a grade A BADASS Motherfucker!
    • Said brother is quite obviously the parallel universe's version of Shirou. Despite not even being a main character anymore, Shirou is still badass when a situation requires him to be.
  • 3rei #23: Miyu's brother - explicitly called Shirou Emiya by Julian - shows his credentials. His opening move? Nine Lives. His next move? Projecting Ig-Alima, a weapon that Gilgamesh notes is a divine weapon. Something which even Archer and Shirou of Fate/Stay Night can't create without killing themselves. All these weapons are formed without him slowing down a bit.
    • And then we get awesomeness squared: Shirou and Kuro taking on Angelica Using the Gilgamesh class card together. Both of them pull out Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge.
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