Fridge / EC Comics

  • Fridge Horror: The whole premise of the Anvilicious EC Comics story Judgment Day, when you think about it. The story is about robots who are divided between those with orange and blue casings, with the orange robots being bigoted against the blue robots, who are treated as second class citizens, even though the only difference is the casings. Now then, it is established that the robots have not changed their programming at all since the humans put them on their own planet, so that means that the humans intentionally programmed the robots to be racist.
    • Seemingly averted in "And All Through The House" with the radio announcer specifically pointing out that the killer won't hurt children. He may not hurt her, but...she's about to watch her mother get slaughtered by Santa Claus. What's that going to do to her mind?
  • Fridge Brilliance: In the comic story "While the Cat's Away", the Crypt Keeper uses the alias T. Charles Kingman. The initials are the beginning letters of his usual moniker.