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Awesome: EC Comics
  • The story behind the final issue ever ran. When Judge Charles F. Murphy - the acting head of the CCA and, by all counts, the absolute epitome of arbitrary Executive Meddling - objected to the reveal that the visiting ambassador from Earth in "Judgment Day" was a black man, Gaines replied that changing his ethnicity ruined the entire point of the story... and they had run the same story before with no objections. As Gaines casually mentioned holding a press conference to inform the industry that the Comics Code Authority was racist and against the equal depiction of black characters (which, while still half-way acceptable in 1955, could earn them some political enemies), Murphy panicked. Still grasping at straws, he then demanded that they at least remove the perspiration from the ambassador's brow before it could go to print.note  Gaines responded "Fuck you!" and ran the story exactly as it was illustrated; in another account of the incident, Feldstein and Gaines suddenly glanced at each other incredulously, and then yelled at him as one.
    • Even under all the restrictions implemented by the Code at the height of its power, EC proved they could still make a great story with Impact #1's "Master Race" - and, given that they were providing a dramatized, if educational, account of the Holocaust, they also got away with some surprisingly dark subject matter.
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