Headscratchers / EC Comics

  • In the 1972 Tales from the Crypt movie, "Reflection of Death" ends with Maitland stuck in a sort of "Groundhog Day" Loop, and "Wish You Were Here" ends with Jacobs kept alive and in agony forever. How do they end up as part of the group in the framing story? And what's the point of the Crypt-Keeper sending them to Hell, when they already seemed to be consigned to a version of it within their own stories?
  • In "Dig That Cat, He's Real Gone", one must ask... what about his own original life? Doesn't that count?
    • I'm not sure about the comic, but in the Tales from the Crypt episode based on it, I think it's stated that the gland can reactivate life eight times, so no.
  • How come no one has created a Nightmare Fuel page for this?
    • Because nobody has had the idea to. (And god knows, there's enough to fill one!) You can always start one yourself.
    • Ask yourself why you didn't create one. There's your answer.
    • It has one now!