Heartwarming / EC Comics

  • The end of "Judgement Day"
  • In Real Life, how EC found a way to more than survive with MAD, it thrived with a publication that helped redefine American humor while skewering the self important Moral Guardians who tried to destroy it.
  • The name of the escapes but it involved a scientist fearing his daughter was going to leave him when she married her boyfriend. The boyfriend comes over with a cold and the father gives him an injection of medicine. Strange things begin to happen to the man, his skin his softening and he doesn't grow facial hair. This along with a sudden desire to stay clothed causes tension and he argues with the woman before suddenly disappearing. The woman puts two and two together, her father gave the man hormones to turn him into a woman, the scientist was working on it. She disappears with some hormones, causing what the scientist was trying to prevent all along. Months later he's invited to wedding and he comment "Judy made...a lovely groom and Nick made a lovely bride." While the story probably wasn't meant to support gender fludity it still has a love conquers all message.