Fridge / [C] - Control

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Black Card is the most prestigious
  • Scorched Earth, Freeze Out, Poison Pill, Pac-man Defense, White Knight, Angel, Insider, Overheated Economy, Mergers And Acquisitions and Cannibalization are just some of the deal attacks used so far. And you thought the attack names were Gratuitous English!
  • Likewise for the "*flation" attacks, given that attacks decrease the value of your opponent's assets.
  • You enter the Financial District and battle with money made from your future. Every trade you do is a bit of your future. You're trading futures.
  • Mikuni owns more Assets than other people (three) - well, he is particularly wealthy (approaching Uncle Penny Bags even!)
  • Mikuni says "The world is taking Midas Money for granted." When you consider the effects of introducing Midas Money are the same as printing money... Completely undercut by the fact that Hyperinflation ends up saving Japan in episode 11...
  • In episode six, when Sennoza was flirting with Mashyu, Kimimaro was put off by it. Now, one person can say that he was jealous. But, after watching episode nine I realized that Kimimaro was really acting like an overprotective father.
  • How do Entres see their assets when they're incorporeal? By covering their eyes with the Midas Credit Card, Entres 'blind' themselves to the long-term implications of their actions on the future.
  • Anime's no stranger to villains who preach the necessity of sacrificing or outright destroying the present for the sake of the greater future good and heroes who insist on focusing on the here and now (must protect friends!), nor are stories in general. But [C] inverts this dynamic with a villain obsessed with protecting "the present" no matter the cost to the future and a hero who insists on taking the longer view.
  • Since the Financial District allows the future to be mortgaged for financial power in the present, reversing the process restores Japan's future but removes Japan as a center of financial power (as shown by the fact that the restored Japan doesn't even have its own currency, using USD instead).
  • During deals, if an entre is injured, they begin to spout Midas money... That's right. Blood money. It's not just any kind of blood money; it's black. What's synonymous with this? Oil.
  • In the end, the 'higher ups' inexplicably give Kimimaro a black card out of the blue so he can oppose Mikuni. Why? Because they're in the business of selling loans. Mikuni's methods — essentially, going so deeply into debt that he can't possibly repay — are bad for their business; Kimimaro's intention (running the press backwards to repay all the loans) is what the higher ups want to happen.
  • Kimimaro's father's Asset looks like Msyu with black hair, which gives off the impression that his father's future was Kimimaro's future which is probably his daughter. Makes me want to cry.
  • Why is Msyu so freakishly powerful, exactly? Because she represents Kimimaro's future, and part of said future is saving Japan from dozens of years in misery. Since he's destined to do something great, his Asset would naturally be extremely powerful.
  • What are assets? Animal spirits.
  • Masakaki's animation often seems to be slightly off compared to that of the other characters. The CGI used to animate him seems to be a little rougher around the edges. This gives his movements an unsettling edge which highlights just how otherwordly he truly is.
  • Sennoza's Midas Card shows a stereotypical angel, but his asset Karma is a nightmarish-looking giant bird skeleton with mechanical parts. This disconnect seems to be really jarring, considering that he uses his Midas Money to help the disenfranchised. But you have to consider that even though he uses his money for philanthropic endeavors, he's still using Midas Money to do it and has likely bankrupted many Entres. His good deeds are fueled by suffering and countless lost futures.

Fridge Horror

  • In episode three Jennifer was surprised to hear that a man had disappeared and no one could remember him. Now in episode four we find out that if you go bankrupt in battle everything the money gave you is erased from existence.
  • The collapse of the South American and South East Asian financial district led to the Caribbean Republic and Singapore getting Ret-Conned in itself is nightmarish. Given the state of Tokyo as shown in Episode 8......
  • The cause of the Financial District collapse that deleted the Caribbean Republic was the Lehman Crisis. The risk from interconnected financial markets is scary enough without one of those markets being able to erase you from history when bets go bad.

Fridge Logic

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