Awesome / [C] - Control

  • Kimimaro's first Deal ends with his Asset utterly incinerating everything with her Mezzoflation "Scorched Earth".
    • Episode 10 has Msyu unleashing her Macroflation "Overheated Economy". It's basically a orbital cannon of fire. And as awesome as it sounds.
  • Mikuni's Deal against the old guy in Episode 4. Made more awesome when it turns out that he won by a 1% difference in net profit. Which is what he deliberately aimed for.
  • Takedazaki's (successful) master plan to save Japan and take down the Financial District. It involves banknote cluster-bombing. Enough said.
  • Kimimaro and Msyu's final Deal against Mikuni and Q (much of which was spent buying time for Takedazaki's above Moment).
    • Better yet! When the plans works, their laserblades stop to work and then Kimimaro delivers a Megaton Punch right at Mikuni!