Fridge / Anita Blake

Fridge Brilliance

  • In Circus of the Damned, a giant snake kills its charmer and goes berserk. This event remains unexplained... but later we learn that the Big Bad of the novel has mystical powers over snakes.
  • Anita's issues with women basically might come from a combination of the Testosterone Poisoning environment of law enforcement in Saint Louis (as displayed in the books) and her own Abusive Parents The Unfavorite relationship with her stepmother. Later, we learn Anita is Bi the Way and possibly engaged in a serious case of repression (at least at first). The Ardeur and its effect in reducing the men around her into sexual tools can't help her relationships either.
  • Laurel K. Hamilton all but comes out in describing Anita as a Sociopathic Hero, which goes a long way of explaining why her narration is hostile to just about everyone.