Heartwarming / Anita Blake

  • From Blue Moon: when Anita has a Heroic B.S.O.D. for torturing and killing a man who knew where Richard and his family were being held hostage and Jason snaps her out of it by explaining that it doesn't matter if she sees herself as a monster because she is what she is and she is able to save people because of it. He even points out that he'd kill to save the people he loves and the whole scene concludes on a really awesome True Companions sort of level.
  • In that same vein, the end of the novel has Richard's mother finding out that Richard was a werewolf and that he lied because he was worried she'd think he was a monster. Her reaction? "Silly ass."
  • Another comes from "Obsidian Butterfly" where Edward gets badly injured saving the family he'd been pretending to be a part of and faints as he tells Anita to save them. There was also a smaller one where just before Anita goes to sleep in a hospital bed, Edward kisses her forehead. However, they never reveal if he really did that or if she dreamed that part. (But it's still sweet anyway.)