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Awesome: Anita Blake
  • Anita Blake's first Crowning Moment of Awesome is when she puts down Nikolaos, a 1000+ year old vampire and her entourage of evil vampires. It's an act that avenges Phillip and makes Jean Claude Master of the City.
  • Anita Blake summoning an entire cemetery of 100+ year old zombies in order to eliminate the evil witch Dominga Salvador and Harold Gaynor. It's impressive because no Re-animator can normally raise ONE zombie without a human sacrifice.
  • Anita, instead of sealing herself off from the big bad vampire's butterfly attack, opens herself up to it, terrifying the vampires on her side and making the vampire against her gleeful...and then she just absorbs it, and absorbs it, and slowly everyone switches emotions.
  • Anita taking out Mommie Darkest in Hit List with a nice Call Back to Obsidian Butterfly and her soul-eating power.

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